When our professor told us that we are going to watch “Dead Girl”, I simply sighed for I had watched it before and had been disgusted with it. I knew how the movie turned out. For me, it was a bad film. Sure that it was a different kind of horror film one usually sees.

It started out with two high school students in a small town who were bored of their lives and decided to skip school one time. They wandered of and found an abandoned hospital. They decided to drink booze and break things to have fun and to let their feelings out for a bit. They were not familiar with the place so they searched for something that interests them. One of the boys, JT, the more adventurous guy dared, Ricky that they should go to the basement where he thought scary. Ricky agreed and suddenly JT disappeared. Ricky believed that it was a prank because he knew that they were the only ones in the building. Yes indeed, JT was just trying to scare the hell out of Ricky. But suddenly, a huge black dog came out of nowhere so they ran and went through a small passage and ended up with a room barricaded with shelves and was locked. That was the only room at the hospital where no one seemed to want people to get in. Of course if there’s a door with locks on it and was like all the furniture were put in front so no one can enter, there was something hidden. It was a mystery to the two boys so their curiosity struck in. They wanted to know what’s inside. I guess they believed that they got nothing to lose to know and besides, they were there anyway. It’s better to know what’s inside than to keep on thinking about it until you can’t sleep. Once they were inside, they saw this naked girl, with arms and legs chained at the bed. They saw her and she was alive. Ricky was scared and asked JT that they should leave her. JT could not help himself to touch the girl because for him, it was an opportunity. It was not everyday that they could see a naked girl that they can touch and play around with everyday. Because at their town, they had a small role and they were just ordinary high school students. Ricky left JT with the girl. Few days passed, Ricky can’t help to think what’s going on with JT because he was absent in school so he went back finding out that JT stayed at the abandoned hospital for days. JT showed Rickie how the girl seemed undying. No matter what he do, strangle the girl to death, shoot her at the chest, the girl was fine. So JT had an idea that they should seize the moment and have sex with the girl. Ricky, being a nice guy, turned down JTs idea but JT pushed through. It for me was kind of inhumane thing to do, since they know that the girl was like “dead”. They sure want to keep it to themselves but JT wanted a companion. So he told the secret to their schoolmate Wheeler. Ricky stayed away from them and even tried to free the girl but there’s always someone or something that kept him away to free it. Until then, JT and Wheeler found out that when bitten by the girl, being undying was contagious so they decided to look for someone prettier than the girl to have a nicer “toy”. It ended up with them capturing Ricky’s childhood sweetheart. Ricky tried to save the girl but she got bitten. JT and wheeler died and the dead girl got out of the hospital. Ricky’s childhood sweetheart in turn replaced the dead girl. Ricky even chained her to the bed and dressed her with nice clothes and put into a better-lit room at the hospital.

For me, the horror of the film was not from the dead girl but with JT. JT in the film got out of his head and he did all he can to keep the girl even it was wrong. The idea that he thought of the idea of having sex with a corpse and replacing the dead girl with a better or more beautiful one made him a maniac. And at the end, for all we know Ricky was a good guy but it turned to be he was just like JT becoming a maniac. The film showed how crazy people sometimes do immoral things just to get what they want.



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