There are definitely times when no matter how manly a human being of the male gender thinks he is, there will always be something in this world or out of this world that would probably unwillingly show his unmanly cowardly side of himself. Watching this movie is one of those times. Even in a group, me and my manly friends were stunned scared, screaming to ourselves random words just so we would vaguely hear that unsoundly tone when the monsters in the movie come out. We know this is just a movie, a scary movie nonetheless; having ourselves open to being unman-like, is our best way of appreciating the movie, by sinking into it to the point of being a part of the feel of the movie. Having said that, I can profoundly say that the movie, Rec, is a very good horror movie in terms of getting it’s audience feet up on their chairs.

Moving on, among all the movies that this class has presented, Rec is probably one of those movies that one would easily get off their chest. The movie is scary and very surprising in most ways. It gives us that scare that we usually anticipate and in a way love about horror films. Although some people might not like this feeling of being startled till they aren’t able to breathe. As for me, this is one of the most exciting things about films simply because one doesn’t really feel this in other types of movies. Having your heart being pumped up with some weird emotion that give you that push to unwillingly do things you don’t normally do. Still, it is funny to think that people are like that – easily manipulated by uncommon or “horrific” images that are most likely not to happen in real life.

This was the first time that I’ve seen the movie. My only knowledge about the movie were what my classmates told me, and that it was a zombie movie. I’ve seen a lot of zombie movies and it didn’t really involve me being scared. It usually involved me imagining “What if I were there? I would probably beat the heck out of those zombies.” However, this movie was different. As what a friend of mine said, “It’s nothing like the zombie movies you’ve already watched. This will definitely make you scream “bajeebers”.” No kidding aside, that friend of mine was right. If I were to point out what part of the movie gave me that outrageously cowardly reaction was during the part when the protagonists of the story tried to look at what was up the attic. Silly as it may, I was cowering behind my fists screaming whatnot while watching the movie go through that particular scene.

Would I watch it again? Would I want to watch another movie like this? My answer would be yes, and yes as long as I am not alone. At least I won’t be the only one looking silly.


One thought on “Rec-It-Zombie

  1. “Would I want to watch another movie like this? My answer would be yes, and yes as long as I am not alone.”—- i actually look forward to the movies like this and not the ones that are traumatic and disturbing! hahaha!

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