Twisted Dead Girl

Of all the horror films I’ve watched so far, Dead Girl is probably the most disturbing and is the movie that got to me the most. The images in the movie were the ones that really stuck to me the longest. If there was a sense of horror that I felt throughout the movie, it would probably be because of those outrageously disturbing images that were shown in the movie.

If I were to sum up everything that I can think of about the movie into a single word, that word would be the word “twisted.” For me, everything that happened in the movie was just plain wrong. The story, the characters, the images, everything in the movie was twisted. The fact that the story was about an undying girl who was chained up inside the basement of an abandoned hospital is twisted. The thought of the characters even having thoughts about having intercourse with the “dead girl,” is already twisted. What’s more twisted is that the characters, more particularly the male characters in the story, really did what I thought they would do and a whole lot more! The main character Ricky did have his chance to do what was right; he had a lot of chances, in fact; but, he didn’t. The fact that he didn’t made me realize that he wasn’t as “good” as we thought he would be. He was a hypocrite in my opinion. In the end, even the main character who was supposed to be the good guy in the story was also twisted in his on hypocrite-like way. In the end, he did what he said he “didn’t want” to do in the first place. He wasn’t even remorseful about it. The ending of the story even presented that he was very happy and satisfied of what had happened to him and all his friends.

Moving on, in the movie, I did have a lot of questions in mind. Was the “dead girl” really dead? Why didn’t she die even when she was shot? She was already even rotting. Was it because she had some kind of unknown disease? Can it be cured?  These questions got me scared. Then I realized to myself that this was that fear of the unknown since I didn’t really know what was going on with the “dead girl.” Adding fuel to the flame, the “sickness” the dead girl had is contagious and it had a very disgusting way of getting into someone’s system. Hence Johnny’s most disgustingly scary bowel experience. This is personally my most horrifying scene all throughout the movie. The next is when Johnny got his private parts bitten off by the dead girl.

Moreover, the movie was horrifying enough that I would not want to watch it again anytime soon. It had this horror that would really linger in the viewers mind for a rather long time. It might even trigger nightmares of the images being presented in the movie. Nonetheless, that movie was a good horror movie.


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