Mom’s love

I found the movie Grace interesting for that it is the kind of movie that does not scare you through the surprises in the movie itself but the thing that will scare you is the idea or the thought that the movie presents to the audience. It is very horrifying for me thinking that I am in the place of the mother of the baby. Having a baby is the one of the happiest moment in a parent’s life, but in the case of the mother, all that have happened to her were horrible things. Taking care of a child alone was a struggle, but raising a child that was not normal (needs human blood) was even more difficult. This is where the fear comes in, the fear of the mother that her child might be taken away. This was striking for me because this is what the mother feared the most. She was not horrified to the need of her baby and to what was happening to her, becoming weak and out of blood. For me she was blinded so much on the possibility of losing her baby and did not care much of the weird thing about her baby and the damage the baby is inflicting to her physically and emotionally. Moreover, the movie presented the development of the mother into a caring parent into a somewhat of a monster. She killed a doctor and her mother-in-law just to prevent them on taking the baby.

Another interesting concept that was presented in the movie was lesbianism. The movie was not scared to show the present day situation about homosexuality. This was seen through the affection of the midwife to the mother of the baby. At first it was established that the midwife has a lesbian tendency at the least. But she tried to repress it. This can be seen through the appearance of the midwife at the start of the movie and her appearance at the end. She transformed herself from a typical looking woman having long hair and pleasing behavior into a woman that has a boy cut blonde hair and quite a rough attitude (based on the way she talked). At the end of the movie she completely transformed herself into what she really wanted, having a girl to love with a baby.  

The ending of the movie was somehow okay for that it presented an idea that the baby might be a zombie due to what happened to the girl breast feeding the baby, having her part of her breast bitten by the baby. I might enjoy the ending if the baby will then suddenly turn into a zombie and eating both of the women in the van.  

One thought on “Mom’s love

  1. “Moreover, the movie presented the development of the mother into a caring parent into a somewhat of a monster.”—– This actually made me think if there are heightened hormones in a woman that could really drive her mad like Madeline! Maybe the movie made it seem like a messed up situation, but imagine if it was shot in such a way na the baby was “kawawa” and the mom was just being her loving self… That could be another angle… BUT STILL it freaks me out as to just how far a mother will go to keep her child!

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