REC: Dialogue not necessary

Zombie movies usually do not excite me because they’re all pretty much the same, sweaty dirty man, and half naked girl running for their lives. But what makes a zombie movie good (for me), is that there is almost always a hint of comedy present even if it wasn’t meant to be funny.

I’ve seen Quarantine before REC and even though they’re almost exactly the same, I still considered REC to be a hundred times creepier. – I don’t know if it’s because American films have become too familiar but I always find the foreign horror films scarier.

The handy cam genre (if that’s what you call it) has to have a good story line to make it successful because otherwise, it would just be downright dizzy-ing. The director achieved the ‘being part of the movie’ feel that, i think, films like that are supposed to evoke from the viewers. There was something about the cinematography that made it seem so real. Which is a great feat considering zombie movies have become so common that, the fear you should have while watching is barely there anymore.

REC got my heart racing, and a few of my man classmates screaming, which was really entertaining. Like sir mentioned in class, it is one of those unfair movies wherein one thing happens after another just to keep the viewers half-covering their eyes whenever the camera turns a corner.

What I noticed with some Horror movies is that you don’t need a sharp attention span while watching. I could understand around 50% of the dialogue without reading the subtitles (because I got tired of leaning forward) and despite hardly understanding what was being said, it was still easy to pick up on what was going on. I don’t know if this ‘unimportant-ness’ of dialogue is a good thing but for me, the going ons, on screen were too intense to make me even care about what the characters had to say (which were mostly curses anyway).

Even though you can only do so much in terms of originality with zombie movies, REC was one of the best I’ve seen.  My favorite part would be when they find out that the virus came from the dog of the little girl, and then suddenly she bites her mother. What are the odds of that happening just when they found out right? But little girl monsters are always the scariest and the acting of the little girl was just so believable.

Like all zombie movies this one was really gory. What really disturbed me was that whenever someone was bitten to death it was half terrifying, half funny. Why would I find something violent funny? I dismissed my laughter to the impossibility of it happening in real life. (Obviously, if I saw it happening right in front of me I would not be laughing.) I think this answers the question as to why some people enjoy watching horror film, for me, it’s a form of escaping from real life, or so that I can tell myself “at least I’m not being bitten to death”. In a strange way, horror films can actually make you feel better about life, if you think about it.

PS. This film redeemed horror film class after dead girl which left me horrified in all the wrong ways possible.


One thought on “REC: Dialogue not necessary

  1. “I don’t know if this ‘unimportant-ness’ of dialogue is a good thing but for me, the going ons, on screen were too intense to make me even care about what the characters had to say”—- The dialogues in the first half of the movie seemed more relevant to pay attention to.. then also that scene towards the end when they were in that locked up room trying to figure out the root of the disease. It’s actually these foreign films that ned subtitles that make it more exciting to watch because for sure we are not going to be understanding what’s going on— which is what makes Horror films even scarier.

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