Thoughts about “[REC]”

Rec is one of the best zombie movies I ever watched. Even if it was in class that I would watch it for the third time, I still got excited because I know a lot of people would like it. I think that one of main reasons it’s like-ability is great compared to other zombie-invasion-themed movies is it’s first-person perspective, which is the first I’ve seen so far. I think that there’s a greater sense of involvement or yearning for involvement to be applied when watching zombie-invasion-themed movies, and I think that being able to feel more involved using the first-person perspective made [REC] a lot better. You’ll understand more after watching [REC] 3. Also, I think that the thrill of escaping the chase and the thrill of escaping entrapment magnifies the “bigger” the chaser is, and the harder the trap is to beat. And, in the case of this movie, when you’re trapped in an apartment complex by the government itself with a mob of demon zombies that can RUN, well you’re in for one hell of a roller coaster ride.

There are a few minor but noteworthy things in this movie. For one, I find the reporter’s show entitled, “While You’re Asleep”, peculiar. Why, out of all the possible names, name your show to target an audience that will never be able to watch it? “Then who watches it?”, even the fireman in the movie wondered. I think that this puts a greater emphasis on how unfortunate the people are in this film. Also the choice for the reporter and cameraman’s name, Angela and Pablo, was really thoughtful. It makes a great contrast considering the involvement of demons and demon-zombies and the series being religiously-themed. And I think that, being a Spanish horror film which primarily targets a Spanish audience, considering their religious background and all, demon zombies have a greater impact. Also, I like how everyone who gets attacked on camera gets attacked the minute they look away from the person in suspicion of being dangerous. Finally, I also like how the interview scenes cohere with the element of film being a show captured and yet it tells a lot about how little the residents know about their place and each other, especially the penthouse and its mysteriously missing-in-action resident, and just how truly unfortunate they are to be there.

I think that this film likes to play around with perspective. Sight, in all its possible meanings or contexts, is explored in this movie: like on the sense of being asleep and not being able to see the show, from viewing whats happening in the movie through first-person perspective and night vision, from how the neighbors “see” each other, from how bad things happen when they look away from the infected people. This is more explored in [REC] 2 we would know more about the Medeiros girl and who the “monsters” behind her are, and also how important the night vision perspective is to the movie.

Finally, I think [REC] is really good for it’s execution. The shocks and scares we’re really nice and the atmosphere very tense. The way things we’re spiralling out of control, people going up and down the spiral staircase, it made me just enjoy the movie and scream along.


2 thoughts on “Thoughts about “[REC]”

  1. “Sight, in all its possible meanings or contexts, is explored in this movie”—- especially for us, since it’s in a different language, most of the time we are too tired to keep staring at the subtitles and rely instead on the visuals. Only during the interview scenes and the more still parts could we pay attention to what they were saying.

    • Oh, that’s unfortunate. For me, though, I don’t really mind subtitles. I think I got used to them already. And I like subtitles more on non-English or non-Tagalog language movies since I like to hear the actors/actresses’ actual voices hehe

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