A Reaction to REC

I have always had a thing for zombie movies because of the way it gets my heart racing over a chase or something that is hiding somewhere and is waiting for you to get there. Fact of the matter is, everything is quite predictable, but it plays with your head in a way that it tries to makes you think otherwise, but it does what you think it would anyway. Like it’s dangling a treat in front of you and pulls it away, but you know it’ll let you have it in the end. For some reason there’s something fulfilling about thinking that you get a situation right. Last, last Tuesday’s film showing was not the first time I got to watch REC. Well, not really. I’ve watched the American version, Quarantine. But there was only a fraction of a difference between the two films. One difference I immediately noticed was that in Quarantine, there was a dog in the apartment; a big, rabid, flesh-hungry dog that was not seen in REC at all.

That aside, watching REC (Or Quarantine for that matter) for the first time was very unnerving for me because it was filmed in such a way that gave me a very strong sense of reality through the limitations of the camera; I was trapped in an extremely vulnerable state because I had no idea what was going to happen next and what was around me save the fact that I can see what is in front of me. I felt like I was part of all the horror happening in that alternate reality.  I have always been adverse to horror movies, but Rec was one of the, if not the only horror movie I actually enjoyed because for some reason it had not left any haunting remnants in my head that would keep me up at night and because it seemed to allow me to enter into the situation with a realistic set of eyes through the Cameraman.  And the best part was I got out of that zone unharmed. I loved it, really, though I won’t deny I was scared.

There were no elements in the movie that gave me anything to feel too disturbed about (but I’m not saying a situation like the one that REC presented isn’t disturbing at all. I mean, come on, who wouldn’t freak out if they were trapped inside their house with SWAT and medical teams keeping you inside and away from any sort of information at all.), which was good because Deadgirl really left me with a bad taste in my mouth and it still makes me cringe every time I think about it. For a zombie movie, Rec had it all covered. Blood, guts, an illness taking over hapless victims, pretty girl running around covered in blood, suspense all around and it even had a little extra by throwing in a religious element in the mix. Overall, it was a fun scare. I really enjoyed REC and I would watch it again.


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