(Will and) Grace

“The worst movie I have ever watched” is awarded to Grace, mainly because of the cringing sensation it game me from the beginning, to the increasing need to vomit al throughout the rest of the film. To categorize it, I would place it under Psychological Horror and Fantastic because the monster shown to us is actually the mother, and all the events that conspire are difficult to make sense of.

As the movie began, I wasn’t so fond of the visuals because some of them seemed so randomly placed and overall disturbing. The black cat appearing sporadically also caught me off guard, as well as Madeline’s being a Vegan so hooked on her favorite “horror” animal planet channel. Could these be significant elements in the film? Another contribution to the film’s peculiarity was Madeline’s lesbian past, the old couple’s sexual engagements in possible hopes for another child, and of course the obvious weird relationship between Madeline and Grace. The names chosen for these beastly characters seemed hardly appropriate for the roles they played. In most scenes, my seatmates and I were not even interested in finishing the film because of how messed up the storyline was getting. The idea of having two miscarriages and just another failed one on its way was hurting my heart and bringing pain to my own lady parts—especially during the water birth scene.

 The main source of horror for me was the fact that we couldn’t understand what was going on most of the time and where the story was leading to. It was the kind of horror film that kept ones mind far from peace because halfway into the story, it felt like there could be no possibly alleviating ending. Madeline seemed to be a bit crazy with how she was repressing her depression over her husband’s death, and her hiding of the fact that there was something wrong with her monster of a baby. Her seemingly calm attitude during most of the film was also what was grossing me out. How despite all the blood, the surroundings were still tainted with pastel colors and delicate fabrics. Add to the disgusting flow of events is the very appropriate soundtrack used al throughout the film. This was another movie that was more painful for women to watch. For me, this was far worse than Deadgirl. The movie did a good job making me feel uneasy and horrified of the realities of repression, child birth and lesbian midwives. Its story deals with an actual stage in women’s lives when they have children of their own. Could it be that all women have this tendency to go mad for the sake of keeping their children? How would the government disallow a mother from keeping her monster baby if they see it just as a mother wanting to love her child?

I did not want to finish the movie at all. I don’t even feel happy to have finished it as well. Movies like this one clearly aren’t made to entertain the general public. Although I claim to be a horror fan, I cannot immerse myself in films like Grace or Deadgirl. 


One thought on “(Will and) Grace

  1. “I wasn’t so fond of the visuals because some of them seemed so randomly placed and overall disturbing” — agree! It seemed too random and not noticebly relevant. I found it more confusing than symbloic!

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