Ginger Snaps is a horror black comedy film with a hint of the chick flick genre.  The movie is about the lives of two outcast teenage sisters, Ginger and Brigitte, in their high school world as they encounter puberty, boys, and the school’s queen bee. It is not the conventional chick flick movie since Ginger turns into a werewolf. Clearly, the two girls are shown as the weird outcasts in their high school who do not have friends other than themselves. The two sisters have an odd interest and fascination with death, thus, staging and taking photographs of brutal and macabre death scenes. The film is very humorous and cunning because it was able to incorporate comedy within the gore scenes. For example, the finger of the dead girl was broken off. The film was not scary at all. However, certain horror elements are still present such as the monster and gore. The movie shows gruesome scenes like bloody and decapitated dogs and the macabre human remains.

The movie shows the intimacy and love between sisters despite their love-hate relationship. The emotional trajectory of the film is important since it reflects why their bond as sisters was very evident until the end of the movie even when Ginger turned into a werewolf. They have morbid pact and have sworn to live and die together. Brigitte loved her sister very much because she was trying to a find a cure for her sister. At the end of the movie, Brigitte hugged the dying werewolf, signifying that their bond as sisters were unbreakable despite her sister’s transformation into a monster.

Based on the movie, transforming into a werewolf is like how girls enter puberty to become a women as indicated by menstruation. The transformation into a werewolf involves growing hairs, tail and violent tendencies. Biological and physiological changes happen when women hit puberty. Physical changes (such as growing pubic hair, enlargement of the breasts and etc) and sexual tendencies become more apparent. The peculiar imagery is comparing women to werewolves when they have their period since they become voracious and violent monsters. In a way, the movie shows how teenagers repress their desires and actions. However, as indicated in the title “Ginger snaps,” the movie shows how teenagers lose their self-control.

Blood is an integral aspect of horror movies since it usually reflects gruesome deaths or torture. In this movie, menstrual blood was emphasized. I was not grossed out in the scenes where dogs and humans were killed. I was so disgusted in the scene where the menstrual blood was dripping between Ginger’s legs. Menstruation is part of the normal physiology of women. For me, it is one of those things that should not be talked about in public, especially shown in movies.


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