The movie “Grace” was about a mother’s undying love for her baby. In a rather twisted sense, that is.

The plot begins with a married couple, Michael and Madeline, who were dying to conceive a child and are successful in doing so. Madeline has been doing well with her pregnancy until she was brought to the hospital due to some pain she felt in her chest. After she is treated, Madeline and Michael travel back home where they encounter an unfortunate event. They get into a car crash, and Madeline loses both her husband and unborn child. Deeply saddened and shocked, she refuses to visit the hospital and have the child taken out. Patricia, her doctor then allows her to carry the child inside her for a while until she becomes ready. After a few weeks, Madeline gives birth with the help of Patricia. Surprisingly, the thought to be dead baby lives. Because of this miraculous event, she named her baby, Grace.

Madeline nurses her baby and tries to ignore all of the strange and unusual happenings. Grace was attracting flies and so Madeline resulted to putting fly-paper around the nursery. Also, a very nasty odor was noticeable and it was in fact the baby that smelled bad. It was also very hard for Madeline to breastfeed because of the wounds she would get on her breast. To cut the story short, Grace is a monstrous baby who feeds on human blood. At the end of the film, Madeline exposes one of her breasts – a huge part of it likely nibbled off by Grace.

I found this movie to be interesting. It was distorted love story between a mother and her monstrous baby. Madeline, just like any mother, proves to show how much she loves and cares for her child. Every mother would be willing to sacrifice and even go through pain just so that she can provide for her children. A mother shows so much love and care that she would always go out of her way just to make her child happy. The only downside of this story was that Madeline’s baby was not normal – her baby was dead.

Somehow, this strongly reminded me of the movie we watched previously in class called, “Dead girl.” A strangely animated DEAD body with no explanation as to why it seems to be moving when it’s in fact dead. This movie “Grace” although having no connection to “Dead girl” may sound like a prequel because personally, I immediately imagined it to be like one.

Again, this was a strange yet interesting movie. It’s definitely not the usual kind of horror movie you’d see often on cinemas or on television. I would recommend people to watch just so they can be exposed to various kinds of horror films besides the usual zombie, and psycho killer kinds.


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