I’m gonna REC it!

I am not really a big fan of horror films so when asked about my favorite horror film, I just mention a bunch of horror films that I was able to finish; but these films are not necessarily ones that I enjoyed. After watching the film REC in class, I can now give a definitive favorite horror film; a film that I was not just able to finish, but also a film that I actually enjoyed. REC, in my opinion, is really well conceptualized and produced. Throughout the film, I was on the edge of my seat even though I do not usually consider zombie films frightening. The filming style gave REC a realistic feeling; a feeling that you are part of the film. The film starts with Angela and Pablo shooting life inside a fire station. A few moments later, the fire station receives a call regarding an old woman trapped in her apartment. Angela and Pablo go with the firemen to respond to the emergency and film the rescue operation. In the apartment, an old lady who seemed to have gone crazy was shown standing in a corner. As the cop approaches her, she begins biting the cop. This scene was the first scary scene shown in the film, and I found it to be really effective. The camera was shaking majority of the time, which to me, made the scene a lot scarier than it should really be. Later on, they return to the old lady’s apartment and a seriously wounded girl was shown running towards them. The girl dies and the old lady appears at the end of the hallway. She then charges at the cop causing the cop to fire his gun at her, “killing” her in the process. The camera crew and the other residents are stuck inside the building still clueless about the situation. Along with them, I also felt clueless about what was happening and because of this; I was drawn even more to watching the film. A health inspector enters the building with them and soon informs them about the situation. Jennifer suddenly runs upstairs leading the policeman, the fireman and the camera crew to enter the old lady’s apartment once again. I found it scary when the dead girl and the old lady who “died” in the apartment were suddenly missing. As they search for Jennifer in the apartment, the camera suddenly finds her standing and just staring, which startled and creeped me out. The policeman gets bitten and infected people started to appear downstairs. Eventually, only the Angela and Pablo are left and are forced to evacuate to the penthouse. In the penthouse, there was complete darkness causing me to feel extremely anxious. As Pablo turned his camera light on, I felt sort of relieved since I was finally able to see. The attic door suddenly pops open, which startled me a lot. Pablo then used his camera to take a peek at the attic. The camera turns slowly and is hit by a human like figure. This scene startled me once again and with the lights out again, I felt even more anxious and nervous especially since I knew that there was something up there with them. Pablo turns the night vision on, and gives limited sight of the room. The original infected girl was shown walking around. At this point until the end, my heart was beating fast because I was scared, but I still continued watching. The filming style, to me, was extremely effective since it gave the feeling that you are with the characters. The viewers’ sense of sight is very limited, evoking a greater feeling of fear due to the uncertainty of the situation. At the end of the film, the only thing that I was able to say was “WOW!” It is an amazing horror film; a truly scary and enjoyable film.


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