I enjoyed watching the movie Gingersnaps because of the new idea on presenting the werewolf. The movie still followed the trend of werewolf movies in which a werewolf would attack an individual and infect the individual.  But what was interesting in the movie was that the werewolf in this movie was in the form of a girl named Ginger. The image of the werewolf for me is always linked to a man because of the strength, fearless and killer instinct that can be associated to both of them. But the movie somewhat breaks this mentality, and tries to put an idea to the audience that women can also be a monster that is terrifying as of the men.

            Another thing that I noticed in the movie was that the transformation of Ginger into a werewolf is somewhat a representation on the women as of today. Based on the movie, when Ginger was attacked by the werewolf, this was also the time that she had her first ever menstrual period. After the attack, many things have changed on her as seen through her actions and her physical appearance. It can be seen that there is a complete transformation that happened to Ginger at the end of the movie. The movie tried to show on what is happening to the women in the current situation nowadays. For me I see to it that it shows how girls become wild like a werewolf when they reached their puberty or teenage years. As seen in Ginger, she wanted to try everything (e.g. having sex) but is totally unaware on what are the consequences that she might face in the future. 

            I also admire the love that Bridget had to her sister Ginger. Even though what happened to her sister, Bridget tried to help Ginger as much as she can. For me I think that the movie also wanted to instill to the current generation that whatever happens to yourself, you always have your family to help and support you on your problems in life. Bridget never quit on her sister even when Ginger became a werewolf. She never did try to kill Ginger, and even found a way to treat her sister. But it was just unlucky that when Ginger jumped on top of Bridget, she got stabbed.

Overall the movie was okay for me. It was not much of a headache compared to the movies Deadgirl and Grace but even though this was the case it still gave me ideas to think about such as the transformation of girls into women and also the love of an individual to his sibling.




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