REC it for everyone’s sake!

Rec is one terrifying film. I enjoyed watching the movie. Even though it is in Spanish language, it did not remove the horror in it. Good thing that I know how to speak Spanish that is why it didn’t bother me to look at the subtitles and focus my attention on it. I guess without looking at the subtitles and without understanding what they say, you can know the flow of the film. People got locked in a building. They cannot go outside for the government blocks the entrances and exits. The people inside get bitten and transforms into a monster. I can say that from that moment, either it was a vampire film or zombie film when someone gets bitten and it gets contagious. The film made it very realistic for it was shot with a standard quality video. Also, the camera shakes and how the sounds are recorded even made the film scarier. It made the audience feel like they were experiencing the same situations that the characters were doing. But one thing I noticed about the film was that every time the lights were shut off, there would always be a shocking moment that I experienced even though I am expecting that something scary will show up.

The movie started with Angela and Pablo, a news reporter and a cameraman, filming the lives of firemen and their service to the people in a documentary film called “While you are sleeping.” They want to show people what is happening while they were asleep. When the firemen got a call from someone who needs help, Angela decided to come with them and film how the firemen respond. I thought at first that there was a fire but only people who needed help. They arrived at the building and saw this old woman full of blood and started biting everyone. One policeman got bit badly at his neck. After that, when they wanted to get out of the building, they can’t because police are blocking the entrances and exits. I wondered why the police only did lock the building that time. They could have locked it earlier when it’s daytime so no one could enter. Of course, it was like that because at night or when it’s still dark, everyone’s sleeping and everyone is inside and it makes the film a lot scarier. Duh. When I found out that the bite of the old lady was contagious that it turns everyone to be like the actions of the old lady, I knew that the old lady was a zombie and was infected by a virus that’s why they were locked by the government. At the end, I thought that Angela and Pablo would get out safely because they got inside the penthouse where the people living in the building told them that it was abandoned. It was kind of funny when they got many keys for the apartment and when they were followed fast by the zombies, Angela got it open for just a few tries unlocking the door with so much keys. Once they entered it, I thought they were safe but when they looked everywhere, it further led them to a scarier place. I don’t know what’s the connection with zombies and the possession of some child but I can feel their fear and because they were unfamiliar at first on why they were locked, after they had been into the room the unfamiliarity adds on. When the attic unlocked, I knew that they made themselves into a more frightening situation. It was the possessed girl that was locked by the owner of the penthouse and ended killing Angela and Pablo.

For me, I enjoyed the film and I felt that I was part of the camera team and I felt every suspense moment of it. The style of the film was very effective on shocking the people. Moments when the lights turned off were the scary one’s because it gives limitation to people on their movements and making the situations more uncertain and unsafe.


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