Thoughts about “Ginger Snaps”

Poor Ginger’s mom. I just don’t think that she deserved the cold treatment she got from her family from the movie. And she doesn’t seem to be the annoying, intrusive type either. Maybe her voice makes her sound a bit wimpy but still, she’s probably the best character there. Maybe it wasn’t a coincidence that this movie was shown after Grace. Here we have a mother, much like Madeline, who is willing to do whatever’s necessary for the welfare of her children.

Talking about relationships, the one Ginger and Bridgette has is special kind. There’s an intimacy here that I find to be closer to a brothers-type of relationship. Here we have a larger, more dominant Ginger living with a smaller, more subservient Bridgette. Ginger calls the shots and Bridgette does the homework, hence the reason why things in movie turned out for the worst. (I still can’t get over how Ginger could be so unreasonable throughout the movie. How can you not ask for any professional help when you’ve been attacked by a giant wolf and afterwards you’re already growing some fangs and a tail?). But even if things got ugly, the two stayed together. Ginger, at the very least, defended Bridgette against the girls from their sports class even before she was bitten. Pretty much the rest of the movie comprised of her being a douchebag, which probably meant that her werewolf infection, “mens”, or both was major influence on her sudden attitude change . Bridgette, on the other hand, did everything she could for Ginger, as any concerned sibling would. She went on alone, trying to learn what’s happening, trying to find people who can help her cure her sister while her sister was busy enjoying her new self.

Some say that this movie is also about puberty, the gradual transformation into a werewolf being a symbol for a girl turning into a young woman as she enters her first “mens”. It’s nice to note in the movie the scene where Ginger was attacked by a werewolf just shortly after her first bleeding. She changed so much after the encounter, mostly in the way she acted and the way she treated the people around her. It even came to a point where she preferred being with a guy than with her long-time buddy Bridgette. But I don’t really know if this actually happens. For me, puberty isn’t so big of a deal or personality change.

Overall, there really isn’t anything much left from me to say except that I liked this movie since it’s a refreshing take on werewolves. I liked how the makers changed the weakness of the werewolves. It’s nicer and a lot less problematic for our characters to know that these werewolves aren’t only killable via silver bullet, but I guess the real problem doesn’t come from the werewolves but rather from themselves.


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