Ginger Snaps!

In the suburb of Bailey Downs lived sisters, Ginger and Brigitte. They were very strange and peculiar sisters with interests in death and the like. They were the odd-balls in in their school. Awkward. Introverted. Late bloomers.

One night, when the sisters go out in search of a dead dog, Ginger starts bleeding. Finally, getting her first period. Their mother would likely be happy about such news of finally hitting puberty after waiting for three years. Ginger suddenly gets attacked by a beast, and tries to drag her into the woods. Brigitte panics and rescues her sister from the mysterious monster. The sisters run away in deep freight not knowing what strange creature has become their attacker. Fortunate for them, the beast gets hit by a van and dies.

Ginger is wounded but somehow they have healed quickly. Brigitte begs her sister to visit the hospital so that they could find out whether there might be something wrong but Ginger refuses because she did not want their mother to find out what had happened.

As a few days passed, Ginger has been going through some strange puberty. She menstruates heavily, hair starts growing from her scars, and a tail grows from her spine.

Truly, after surviving and healing from that beastly attack, Ginger changes. Her hormones go wild and she starts dating boys. She even engages in unprotected sex with some guy in her school.

Brigitte becomes worried about her sister. She tries to warn her and begs her to fix whatever was happening. Brigitte then seeks help from her friend Sam. After discussing that the things happening to Ginger are probably the effects of her attacker, they think that the monster was a werewolf. From then on, Brigitte and Sam try to find a cure that may help Ginger from her transformation.

When Brigitte gets attacked by Jason, the boy Ginger had sex with and who must have been infected as well, she defends herself by using the cure that she and Sam had worked on. Surprisingly is does work as there was a fast change in Jason’s behavior.

With the peculiar changes happening to Ginger, she ends up hurting and killing others. Actually making her beast-like in some way. Ginger was no longer the same. In the process of all the transformations, she was becoming more like a werewolf. Fierce. Deadly. Monstrous.

Towards the end of the movie, her sister was really trying to help here for the cure along with Sam. But it ended up killing Sam and she was accidentally stab by Brigitte at the end of the movie.

For me this movie is okay and makes a great interpretation of puberty among teenagers. I like it how Ginger transformed into a wolf and also transforming as a different person by doing things that are very new to them. We can see that there are really strange changes or very different changes when it comes to puberty. In the end I was just sad that the problem wasn’t solved because they did not show if she was cured or if she change into a better person (if she survived the stab).


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