Voices of the Dead and Voices in the Head

Voice is a supernatural horror film that shows the psychological aspect of a teenage girl that gives an understanding to a growing woman’s psyche.  On the contrary, Grace and Ginger Snaps depict women in a biological perspective. The film shows how teenage girls think in an exclusive high school, exploring sexuality and relationships. Voice is a supernatural horror film that depicts how a ghost did not know her identity, as she was trying to discover how and why she died.

I was shocked that Young-eon turned out to be the monster in the movie. She seemed so sweet and innocent, yet she was pure evil. I believed that she was the victim of the music teacher, which was actually the other way around. I was surprised when she said that the music teacher smelled like her dead mother. In addition, she convinced her mother to commit suicide.

The film has an interesting take regarding how ghosts cross over and how people let go of the dead. Using minimal visuals, the film was scary because of the creepy music, conveyed emotions, and my anticipation for the image of the ghost. The setting was the typical school corridor that becomes scary and eerie at night, like most of school ghost rumors. The music was very creepy, akin to that frightening and disturbing music I make up in my head when I cannot sleep. In contrast to the other films watched in class, Voice does not show the image of the scary monster or ghost, yet it was still effective as a horror movie.  At the start of the movie, the imagery was very minimal since only a black walking figure was seen accompanied by the sound of the woman’s shoes as it hits the floor. There were many instances that I anticipated the face of a scary monster to instantly pop up.  Also, I was expecting a surprise element in the elevator scene when Young-eon was hearing voices. As the elevator opened, it was pitch black and nothing was shown. It was only mentioned that something was coming and Young-eon and Sun-min screamed at the top of their lungs.

For me, the film shows how people consider those who believe in the supernatural as nutcases. Sun-min was considered as crazy by her classmates because she was hearing voices and talked to herself. At the end of the movie, Sun-min was admitted in a mental facility. Cho-ah has also entered a nuthouse because she was hearing voices, which she mentioned as voices of the dead. In accordance with reason, I would probably also believe that they are suffering from a mental disorder (such as schizophrenia) since auditory hallucinations are common symptoms.

One thing I disliked about the film was that the deaths very corny and awkward. Young-eon was murdered with an ordinary piece of paper that slit her throat. Choh-Ah had a freak accident with a light bulb that shattered on her face. Then, a broken glass killed her as she slipped on the floor. The music teacher was killed using mutant cello strings.  Overall, I liked the movie except for the parts that were very cloudy.



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