The movie “Grace”, in comparison to movies like “Deadgirl”, was actually a little less disturbing. But it was still disturbing nontheless.Though it is a different kind of disturbing all together. The horror of witnessing necrophilia and rape was replaced with the horror of witnessing old people have sex and zombie babies drinking human blood.
I think the most disturbing moment for me really was the old people having sex part. I think its because usually when you think of people who are supposed to be grandparents, you think of them as people who bake you cookies and give you knitted sweaters for christmas. You never really think of what they did that made them grandparents, what they did to produce your parents, who in turn produced you. Part of the disgust can also be attributed to the fact that sexual intercourse between old people isn’t the most glamorous of sights. Usually in most hollywood films, these scenes occur between a  young couple, who more or less are the epitome of aesthetic beauty. Thus, potraying this carnal act as something desirable, appealing, and sometimes even innocent and pure. The elderly, in the sense of aesthetic beauty, are not that attractive. The years have made their skin sag and their hair white. So intercourse between people who far from the ideal of beauty is not something that most people want to witness.
What adds to the intercourse being more disturbing is the fact that it is juxtaposed with the act of breastfeeding. What is supposedly to be a maternal act is turned into a sexual one. This stems from Vivian mourning the death of her son. The loss of her son intensifies her need to be a mother. This need is can be seen as repressed as the years passed by and as her son grows up. She has to let him go and live his own life with his wife. When her son dies, the role of being a mother which was already repressed by the independence of her son, is completely taken away from her. This has been a role that she has been playing for years now and it is her identity. Now that Michael is gone, she loses who she is and her desire to become a mother again more or less drives her a little bit off her rocker. She wants to be a mother so bad that she even brings it into a sexual context so that she could relive the experience of breastfeeding. She is willing to do anything to be a mother again.
Vivian and Madeline have this trait in common. The idea of playing the role of a mother is something so important to the both of them. Madeline wanted to fit into the role of being a mother so badly that she is willing to do anything in order to keep her child. In both cases, these women are not really concerned as to being good wives to their husbands, as seen through out the film and magnified in their intimate scenes.


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