There is perhaps nothing more pure and unconditional than a mother’s love. A mother is willing to sacrifice almost anything just to be able to satisfy the needs of her child. The film “Grace” plays around this idea and takes it to the extreme. It is a film in which a mother does EVERYTHING just to cater to the special needs of her child. The film starts with a couple shown to be expecting a child. They have a conversation with the father’s parents regarding where and how the baby will be delivered. The father’s parents, mainly the mother-in-law, are strongly suggesting that they should go to a hospital. The pregnant girl, on the other hand, wants to deliver the baby with a midwife. The husband was convinced by the wife to go to the midwife first. After their trip to the midwife, on their way home, they are involved in an accident which kills the husband. The girl is taken to a hospital wherein she was to deliver the baby. She didn’t want to deliver the baby in the hospital so she is taken by the midwife to her clinic. The baby was at first shown to be dead. After a few seconds, by some miracle, the baby seems to have come back to life. At this point, I thought that the baby would turn into a little killer monster similar to a “Tiyanak”. As the film progresses, it was shown that the baby, despite being a flesh eating creature, was the most helpless character in the film. The baby was dependent on the mother for food and protection. The only way for the baby to get food was to cry and wait for her mother to bring her food. The horror in this film did not come from the monster but from the actions of the mother. Her actions, though out of love for her child, are unacceptable in society since they disregard the lives of other people. First of all, she allows the child to suck her blood and eat a portion of her breast just to be able to feed the child even though it was shown to have affected her health. She also killed a doctor to protect her child from being taken away from her and to make things even more disturbing; she cut the doctor up for blood which would be fed to her child. Aside from her, the mother-in-law also takes motherhood to an extreme. After she loses her son, in an intimate scene with her husband, it seemed as if she wanted to breastfeed her husband. Also, she is shown to be obsessed with obtaining the child. The loss of her son probably caused her to divert her motherhood to her husband and to the child. This, to me, was also disturbing since even at an old age, she still has a very strong drive to be a mother; to the extent that she even breastfeeds her husband. The movie, in general, is not really a scary film but rather, a very disturbing one since it pollutes the concept of motherly love, which is generally considered to be pure.


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