Ginger Snaps!

Majority of the previous films shown in class were horror films involving the undead or zombies. These films have dead humans come back to life as flesh eating zombies by a contagious virus, by a spell or by a miracle. The film “Ginger Snaps” introduces a horror creature in class; the werewolf. As opposed to zombies wherein you turn into one when you die, the transformation to a werewolf happens while you are still alive. Ginger Snaps is a story of two sisters who find themselves in a situation in which one of them is experiencing changes brought by the transformation. At the beginning of the film, Ginger and Brigitte show a presentation in class wherein they staged death. I found their fascination with death a bit creepy since they not only talk about it, but actually create different scenarios of death. Also, at the beginning, there are scenes that show mutilated dogs which to me, adds some scare factor since no one knew what was responsible for death of the dogs. Later on, while the two of them are wandering outside, they are attacked by an unknown creature. Ginger suddenly vanishes and starts screaming for help. Brigitte somehow rescues Ginger and in the process, kills the unknown creature which would later on be revealed as a werewolf. During those scenes, I was a bit disappointed since the werewolf appeared relatively easy to kill. I was expecting it to be a nearly unstoppable bloodthirsty creature but rather, it died immediately after getting hit by a car. Ginger, having been bitten by the werewolf, suddenly starts to experience change both physically and psychologically. In terms of physical change, Ginger starts to grow fur, a tail, sharp claws and sharp teeth. As for psychological change, she starts to become more aggressive and uncontrollable. As these changes happen, her relationship with Brigitte is greatly affected. Brigitte is doing her best to control Ginger to prevent her from doing harm to other people and at the same time, she is looking for a way to cure Ginger. Despite all these efforts by Brigitte, Ginger still gets mad at her. I believe that the horror from this film is not actually the werewolf, but the drastic changes that comes along with the transformation. It is actually scary to think that you would start to lose control of yourself. As shown by Ginger, as she snaps, she begins doing things that she would not normally do. She starts to kill people, mutilate dogs and have unprotected sex. Furthermore, this lack of control destroyed her relationship with her sister. At the start, it seemed as if the two sisters were inseparable; that they would always have each other’s back. As she experiences change, she fights with her sister and leaves her behind. The film ends with Ginger fully becoming a werewolf and eventually dies in the hands of Brigitte. Once again, I found the werewolf to have died rather easily, which was a bit disappointing. Overall, the film was fun and humorous; however, I felt that it lacked a lot in horror.


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