Die for Grace

Childbirth is a stressful event for young couples especially when it is their first time to go through such an experience. Although marrying and having kids is still a distant prospect for me, watching the film Grace makes me want to place the mere thought of it on the back recesses of my mind. I am used to violence and gore because almost all movies have some form of it. A part of getting used to it is to believe they would not happen in real life. This mindset is effectively neutralized in Grace because of its themes about motherly love and sacrifice. These two concepts are the driving forces behind the motivations of each character and this makes the movie all too real. I think the fact that Madeline was a vegan was a theatrical tool used to emphasize her love for her bloodthirsty baby. I was amused why, of all coincidences; a cannibalistic child would be born to a vegan mother. But it also makes sense in a weird way. A child who was fed vegetables during her entire tenure in her mother’s womb would crave for something in a normal human being’s diet with a greater sense of urgency. The child’s aversion to animal blood must have come from her mother’s disgust for eating meat so she chose human blood as an alternative. I would not be surprised if Grace would start eating human meat when she grows up.

It may be Madeline’s degenerating regard on how to get food for Grace but it could be also a paradox of vegan practice as shown in the film; I noticed that Madeline showed a lesser amount of guilt when she killed the doctor and drained his blood than when she was draining the blood of the meat she bought. She also cold bloodedly ripped out his mother-in law’s throat and showed no disgust that Grace was practically chewing on her body. This indifference to shedding human blood, coupled with immoral acts by Madeline’s mother in law was the horror factor of the movie. It is horrific how the loving action of breastfeeding and obtaining food are presented in a twisted form. At the end of the movie, I did not hate Madeline as much as the Dr. Patricia because she did not really do anything to provide a solution and chose to run away from the life she established just for a lesbian crush on Madeline. Overall, I liked the movie because it shows the things we do for love and the price we pay for loving too much.


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