Rec: Repression

“Rec” is a Spanish horror film which tells the story of a television reporter and a cameraman trapped inside a quarantined apartment building due to a contagious virus. I strongly believe that the movie perfectly captures what a genuine horror film is all about. Being a horror fan, I really enjoyed watching the film to the point that it made me want to watch the sequel. On a side note, I have watched the film’s remake entitled “Quarantine” before and I have to say that it was nothing compared to “Rec”, which was even better and more terrifying. It’s certainly the type of film I would recommend to a lot of people just for the sake of scaring the hell out of them. Most of my classmates even got excited as the professor announced what we were about to watch. Watching it for the first time, I thought to myself that I was prepared to really like the movie and indeed, I was not disappointed at all. “Rec” is arguably one of the best, if not the best, horror films I have ever watched. It’s just sad the movie was not released widely in theatres worldwide although I am not surprised it has won several local awards.

The film started off quite slow with the reporter Angela Vidal and her camera man Pablo shooting inside a fire station for a television series. Things started to become out of hand as they go to an apartment with the firemen and an old woman who is trapped inside bites one of the policemen.  Everything turned out for the worse when the military sealed off the building. As what was mentioned in class, a sense of entrapment and claustrophobia are some elements which make up a horror film. These were presented in such a way that Angela, Pablo and the rest of the residents were stuck inside the apartment with nowhere to go. With a virulent disease infecting people inside, there was definitely no escaping. The said disease turned out to infect other people by way of biting causing all of them to be aggressive. I thought that the movie will just be one of those zombie films where the protagonist will be the only one left in the end, but I was completely mistaken.

Overall, I believe that the film was very original in terms of its plot. Using a camera to shoot the events was also a realistic way of showing the entirety of the film. I just didn’t like the fact that the camera was very shaky in a number of parts and it was dubbed in Spanish. I had a hard time watching the movie while looking at the subtitles but the film can actually be understood without them. “Rec” presented a horror film effectively by giving everyone a good scare particularly the final few minutes of the film, where Angela and Pablo encounter the Medeiros girl in the penthouse. In the end, I think that the infected and uninfected people inside the apartment represent how a society functions. The film wishes to convey the important message that a society should repress itself to find its own identity, and to set its own limitations and boundaries.


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