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I’m not the biggest fan of Asian horror films but I love how they have spearheaded some fundamental principles of horror that always give me the creeps (long, dark hallways, the spiritual relevance of ghosts, to name a few). I’ve only really loved one Asian film (Dark Water) and that was when I was around ten years old and everything was scary to me, but I do appreciate them and their position in the world of horror.

I’m pretty judgmental when it comes to films- if the first ten minutes doesn’t hook me, the film is considered boring until it manages to catch my attention, and I’m a bit strict when it comes to methods used to kill off characters. Flying paper does not interest me, and neither does the demented walk that the ghosts always use when they chase after their victims.

The highlight of the whole film was probably when they decided to visit her house, but it was also the lowest point because I expected them to find the answers there, the root cause as to why the girl died, but they found nothing except creepy photographs where the moms face was cut out (the scariest part of the film). Sure, we learned about the death of the mom, which apparently leads to them solving the mystery with the girl and the ghosts and whatnot, but it still wasn’t enough. The whole film was slow-moving and drowning in questions that weren’t being answered fast enough to keep it interesting.

I’m basing my opinions off the shallowest reasons, but I honestly didn’t like the film very much, nor did I even understand the ending. I faded in and out between scenes, trying to tie together the music teacher, the ghosts, the elevator, and the best friend, but I just couldn’t draw any conclusions. I later learned that it had something to do with possession? I realize that I may just be a narrow-minded critic with no basis, but I’m open to understanding the ending if anyone wants to defend the film. Right now, all I see is very typical ending for a very typical film.


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