Ginger Snaps: Transformation

“Ginger Snaps” is a horror film which tells the story of two teenage sisters whose lives completely change as one of them gets attacked by a werewolf and slowly transforms into one herself. Unexpectedly, it was one of the few movies in class I actually enjoyed watching so far. This was probably due to the fact that the film was able to successfully infuse a considerable amount of humor to the horror genre. With its dark gothic theme, the movie first gave me the impression that it was going to be all about vampires but I was really surprised how it managed to mislead me and instead give me a good laugh in certain parts. Also, our professor suggested that it was one of the oldest films we had to watch in class so I initially expected a poor storyline and cinematography. Apparently, I was absolutely wrong since the editing and special effects were better than I thought. Because of this, I am truly glad the movie was able to grab a number of award nominations and recognitions internationally.

First, the film introduced Ginger and Brigitte Fitzgerald, two teenage sisters who grew up to be so close and share the same interests in their strange fascination with death. The opening scene also showed a woman finding her dog’s mutilated body in her lawn. For these reasons, I assumed that they would turn out to be the killers in the movie but obviously, I was proven otherwise later on. Being the social outcasts in school, they were constantly bullied and it seemed as if they had no one to live for but each other. One night, while searching for a dog’s corpse, Ginger was attacked and bitten by a creature revealed to be a werewolf or lycanthrope.  Fortunately, Brigitte was able to rescue her and the werewolf was killed by the approaching van of Sam. Soon after, Ginger starts to experience physical changes like the growth of hair in different parts of the body, sharp teeth, sharp nails and a tail. In the process, Ginger’s life immensely depended on Brigitte, who tried to halt the slow werewolf transformation of her sister through various methods such as the use of monkshood.

I believe that “Ginger Snaps” accurately demonstrates the analogy between Ginger’s transformation into a lycanthrope as well as an adolescent. It uses the feminist perspective to metaphorically describe the horrors brought about by puberty. Ginger’s transformation evidently involved menstruation which in turn relates to engaging in unprotected sex and drugs. As the title of the movie suggests, Ginger continually lost her self-control before eventually turning into a ferocious monster, a werewolf. For me, the film also indisputably portrays women as sexual and aggressive beings. As a result, the relationship between the two sisters was then challenged and put to the test by Ginger’s transformation. Their relationship gradually deteriorates throughout the movie as the two began to argue and fight with each other. Unpredictably and sadly, Brigitte was forced to stab Ginger with a knife since she knew better and she was unlike her. In the end, the film hoped to leave its audience with the significant lesson that one’s transformation to an adolescent or adult ought not be influenced by others since self-control could instead be carried out.


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