Teenage Nightmare

Is a strange occurrence immediately supernatural? Or is it only a new human experience? Although it is clear to the audience that the events unfolding in the movie Ginger Snaps are supernatural in origin, the protagonists of the movie are teenagers and they have their own way of dealing with things. Their foolhardy choices and the subsequent consequences are what extended the film to the standard movie length; otherwise an adult protagonist could have solved the werewolf problem within 30 minutes.

Puberty is a time of great change in both the body and the mind. This is the transition period into adulthood and is unique to each individual. This makes teenagers vulnerable to various influences from their environment and should be closely observed by their parents because what they are taught during this time period would influence what kind of adults they are going to be in the future. The parents of Brigitte and Ginger are bad examples of this practice because they were either ignoring their kids or presented their concern in a meddling way. They showed disdain towards the siblings’ hobby of reenacting violent deaths for photographic purposes but tolerated it anyway. This says a lot about their parenting because no matter how you see it, interest in death photography at a young age is really disturbing. This tolerance to a topic as sensitive as death means there are virtually no boundaries on what Ginger and Brigitte could do. This makes them feel they could do anything. An offshoot behavior is underestimating the gravity of their situation when the werewolf bit Ginger which became a catalyst for subsequent events of the film.

I think this film is targeted towards an audience of the same age demographic as the protagonists because the whole film is only centered on their take on things, which is frustrating for people who are older because they know better than to commit the same actions as the protagonists. I do not think I would be the only one in class when I say that this film is too tame for our standards. Not only are we way past the horrors of puberty but there is also a sense of knowing what would happen next in the movie due to the foolish actions of the teenage protagonists. I, for one knew that the movie would not end well since this was a coming-of-age film which had a Goth feeling to it so of course, someone has to die and true enough, Ginger was killed by Brigitte when she could have just chosen to inject Ginger with the syringe of antidote on her other hand. Brigitte finally realized she could not return things back to the way it was before even when Ginger was cured of her lycanthropy  because Ginger did not only turn into a monster. She was also growing up and changing into someone Brigitte did not like. Brigitte’s action of killing Ginger speaks volumes about her age. She was mature enough to understand that happy endings do not happen every time but she was still immature in believing she could just run away from her problems by killing Ginger. Although the film is not exactly groundbreaking in presenting the horrors of puberty with a little spin, it still provides an insightful take on the things that break the bond of childhood siblings.


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