Ginger Snaps

Ginger Snaps was by far and away the least terrifying movie we have watched in this Horror Film class so far. I think it was the Hollywood fan in me that had been spoiled by jaw-dropping special effects that left me laughing instead of cringing at that first moment when the lycanthrope was shown. Just because I wasn’t scared though doesn’t mean that didn’t enjoy the movie. I was thoroughly entertained throughout the course of the movie because of the witty dialogue, unfolding plot, and Katharine Isabelle.

But as this is a horror film class, I tried to look beyond the lack of horror feeling to discover the source of horror in the film, which I believe to be the deteriorating relationship between Bridgette and Ginger, especially from the point of view of Bridgette.

The relationship between the two girls is one that only sisters can have. It is a relationship of utter devotion, love, and commitment born out of feeling of solidarity between two females. At the start of the movie, they share the same outlook on life, united by their disdain for everyone else in the world. Their commitment to each other runs so deep that they even promised each other that they would die together. Suffice it to say their bond was seemingly unbreakable in an “us against the world” mentality normally seen in young lovers.

The female relationship is further exemplified in the relationships between the three primary females in the film – the two sisters and their mother. This relationship is most strongly shown towards the end of movie as that of separate from the male, their father in particular. The mother impulsively suggests that the three women start a completely new life away from their father and the crimes that the daughters committed. Their close female bond is also shown when the mother hides her realization from the father that the severed finger found in the garden is in fact a real one. She instead confronts her daughters directly and leaves her husband out of the picture.

The source of horror as previously mentioned comes from the intense female relationship between the two sisters. From being as close as people can get, the sisters ended up drifting away from each other because of the slow werewolf transformation of Ginger. It was an agonizing process for Bridgette as her sister slowly moved away from her. It was small things at first, like being interested in boys, but eventually Ginger started doing crazier and crazier things, culminating in murder. Despite all of this and Ginger’s condition, Bridgette never gave up on her. Tragically however, the movie concludes with Bridgette accidently killing her beloved sister, which I think is the most horrifying part of the movie, especially when one takes into account the intense bond between the sisters. There could have been no ending more horrifying than that, not even if Bridgette herself ended up becoming a wereworlf.


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