Bond Between Sisters

Ginger Snaps is a typical horror film where a teenager gets bitten by a werewolf and slowly day-by-day transforms into one. What is nice about the movie is that at first you really feel scared since the sisters are somewhat strange and are like Goths. They do different photos on how they portray deaths through violent scenarios.

The movie at the start scares you a little because there is this creature that is unfamiliar that attacks the sisters and unfortunately it bit one of them. The girls got away and the creature died through a car hit. At first the sisters thought of the creature as just a stray animal but when the time Ginger, the older sister who got bit, noticed that her wounds got healed fast, they thought of it something else. The younger sister, Brigitte, started searching for clues. She found out that it was a werewolf and once you get bitten it was contagious. The two at first never worried since Ginger, just hit puberty with her menstruation and they thought it was just because of it. But when Brigitte saw that her sister got a tail, she knew that she needed helped from someone. So she approached the guy who hit the werewolf and asked for information. Ginger was getting hyper all the time since it was also because of her puberty. Due to that, her body changes and a famous guy noticed her. She went out with him and had sex with him. Not able to control her emotions, Ginger bites the guy. The guy also showed signs of transformation. On the other hand, Brigitte and her friend found antidotes for werewolf transformation. So they decided to try it first to the jock who got bit and it works, they have their hopes high that it will also cure her sister Ginger. When Brigitte injected the antidote, it worked so it means that they could also cure her sister. But it was too late. Ginger had a complete transformation and was not conscious of what she does. Hoping that she could cure her sister and bring her back to being a human, Brigitte prepared the antidote and went looking for Ginger. Ginger ended up killing Brigitte’s friend and Brigitte accidentally killing her sister.


I enjoyed the movie since it had a few shocking moments that will make your heart beat fast. The movie used the female gender, which it tried to compare with the transformation of being a werewolf and a girl going through the stages of puberty. The love of Brigitte for her sister is quite evident all through out since she never left her sister to suffer in being a werewolf. The two really loved each other and had a bond. They promised to be together through all things and until they die. What the movie needs was to improve its effects and looks of the creatures. Since it was a film decade ago, it was all right and understandable how the effects and cinematography are produced.


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