Mothers Know Best

Grace is somewhat a strange film for me. I guess I would consider it as a film more on the drama than horror. What makes it a horror film is that a child miraculously gets back to life after her mother, Madeline got through an accident and she bled while she was pregnant that made doctor think that she lost her child.  The movie depicts the want of Madeline to have a child since she already got pregnant a few times and had failed. On the other hand, what makes the film more on the drama side is that Madeline desperately wants a child so she does everything just to have what she wants. She had been to a midwife, eating raw meat sent by her midwife and letting her self gave birth to what was supposed to be dead. The movie greatly shows Madeline’s unconditional love for Grace. Madeline sacrificed with the pain just to provide Grace’s needs. Even if Madeline knows that her baby is a blood-sucking monster, it never stopped her from caring for her or even let herself terrified from what’s happening. The movie focused more on the love of Madeline for Grace rather on Grace the baby monster.

I never enjoyed the film for I thought I would be terrified and shocked by watching it. But I guess it really disturbed me. The real monster who should be considered was Madeline because nothing stopped her from getting what she wants like she killed the doctor and her mother-in-law just to hide her baby. I can never really blame the character of Madeline because she tried many times in having a child and she had failed. It was an opportunity for her when Grace turned out to be alive. There’s this baby she’s been wanting badly and at first she does not know what was wrong with her child. Her depression from her husband’s death and failed attempts of childbirths blinded her from accepting the fact that something is wrong with Grace. Her midwife was the cause of it all. There were scenes that showed her midwife stalking Madeline and looking at her pictures. I think that she is in love with Madeline before but by the time Madeline got married, she felt betrayed so she did this curse to her. The reason why all these things happen to them is from their desire to achieve or to get what they want. It revolved with Madeline wanting a baby and her midwife getting Madeline back. At the end, Madeline was seen together with her midwife and Grace, saying that Grace needed more. Since Grace grows up, the amount of food should grow also. It showed how selfless of Madeline for Grace. The movie demonstrates how people’s desires make them to be monsters. Sometimes, how badly we want something else; we never stop on doing whatever we can to achieve it. Grace without its horrendous and gross scenes actually shows the love and devotion of mothers and how difficult it is to have a child.


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