The plot of the story begins with a young student, Young-eon, who is the top singer of an exclusive girls’ school gets murdered. The murder was definitely an unusual one because she gets slit on the throat by a music sheet.

The film is entitled “Voice” perhaps for the main reason that no one else can see or hear Young-eon except for her friend Sun-min who is able to hear her. After Sun-min becomes convinced that it is only Young-eon’s voice that can be heard, the two girls try to discover what really happened.

Young-eon has no clue about who her killer is and does not remember anything about what happened to her. Sun-min makes an assumption that the music teacher might be the killer of Young-eon. Little by little, the mystery of her death unravels as Young-eon gets flashbacks of her life.

Another girl gets involved on the attempt to discover Young-eon’s killer. She is Choh-Ah, a strange and peculiar girl at school with the ability to listen to the dead. Together, they try to resolve the mystery. Sun-Min’s assumption of the teacher becomes erred when the music teacher dies by committing suicide. Choh-Ah tells Sun-Min that ghosts often remember what they want to, and that Young-eon’s memory was likely to be wrong.

Apparently, there is another ghost haunting the school. This perhaps was the killer. The body of Young-eon is found in the elevator – the very same one where a previous student had died before.

Young-eon gets more flashbacks. About her and her mother talking about when she can learn how to drive and a darker flashback of when her mother committed suicide. The movie reveals that it is Young-eon that drove her mother to her death, and the same goes with the music teacher.

This film had a lot of twists in the movie as we were given the impression that Young-eon was the victim in the film when in fact, it becomes the other way around. Everything becomes interestingly twisted. And this, I just have to say, is one of the reasons why I find Asian films to be interesting and very different from Western and Filipino films.

In the end of the film, Young-eon kills Choh-Ah and takes over the body of Sun-Min after being enraged when the two girls who were trying to help her tell her to move on and cross-over. The scene ends with Young-eon, in Sun-Min’s body, walks along side the mother of Sun-Min and Sun-Min crying out voiceless.

All I can say is that even if I didn’t understand what happened to other parts I still love these kinds of horror movie. Asian horror movies are really scary for me and I don’t know why. Whenever I watch Asian horror the mood for me is really scary and that’s what I like about it.


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