Victim Turns into a Monster

Rec 2 is a very exciting, terrifying and suspenseful movie. In the first installment of Rec, I did not like how they tackled the cause of the zombie outbreak by explaining the paranormal in a scientific sense, that it was disease caused by a virus of some kind.  In Rec 2, it was revealed that the zombies were paranormal as the infection was indeed a demonic possession.

However, I did not like how they still put science and the paranormal in the same picture since they are two completely different realms. The group was tasked to obtain a blood sample of the Medeiros girl   to create an antidote that can cure and prevent the demonic infection. The concept of a demonic virus is a bit awkward for me − a virus carried in blood and saliva that transforms victims into vicious and scary demon-possessed zombies. It could have been better if they got rid of the idea that they could cure a demonic possession in a scientific perspective?

Compared to the first installment, I find Rec 2 scarier because they used religion to combat evil. The cliché God versus evil theme really frightens me. For me, the highest form of evil is the demon itself. The 1973 film The Exorcist is the scariest horror movie I have ever watched. I cannot forget the very graphic and disturbing scene where the priest rebuked the demon-possessed girl. In Rec 2, the chief of the three-man SWAT team tasked to go inside the quarantined building was a priest. He was using faith, evidenced by prayers and the crucifix, to fight the blood-thirsty zombies.

In horror films, women are very important since they are usually the defenseless victims. I was very happy that the female journalist in the first installment was able to survive. However, I have anticipated that some twist will be revealed. It was not very surprising that the victim of the first installment turned out to be the monster. This twist made the movie more interesting. Throughout the movie, the tension was building up when the group was trying to find the Meideros girl, the mother of all evil who spread the demonic virus. The tables have turned. In the end, the female journalist was now the real demon.


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