When it comes to horror films, there is nothing that I fear more than Asian horror films. I was able to watch some parts of numerous Japanese horror films in the past and these led me to fear Asian horror films in general. For some reason, I find these horror films absolutely terrifying to the point that I am unable to finish the film. Upon learning that we would be watching the film “Voice”, a Korean horror film, I felt uneasy at first since I did not know if it would be similar to Japanese horror films; however, despite the uneasy feeling, I was still quite interested in watching the film since I was curious of the Korean style of making horror films. “Voice” started with a student practicing singing a certain song. I found this song very creepy for some reason that I can’t explain. After a short while, her friend approaches and invites her to go home. She refuses to leave school as she wanted to practice even more. As she is left alone in school, she begins hearing a sound coming out of somewhere. She tries to look for the source of the sound and shortly after, her throat is cut by a piece of paper. She then wakes up in the room where she was practicing. Thinking that it was just a nightmare, she goes out of the room and continues with her daily school life. She soon discovers that she has become a ghost and only her best friend is able to hear her. Her friend eventually discovers that there was something wrong with the memories of the main character, which eventually creates a conflict between the two of them. The start of the film, to me, was really good. It was scary and creepy but unlike the Japanese horror films that I was barely able to watch, I actually wanted to watch and finish the film. Despite having scary scenes involving school corridors at night, which I am absolutely terrified of, the film was able to rouse my curiosity. I wanted to know who killed her, where the singing came from, what the ghost wanted from her, what the real story was, and many more. As the story progressed, the other ghost was revealed to be a student who had a similar voice as the main character. Starting from this point, I found the film to be less interesting mainly because it has become very confusing. When it was shown that the main character was the cause of the death of her mother and the teacher, I did not know if the ghost possessed her or if it was actually her. The scene wherein she was speaking with herself added to the confusion. I was already lost in the story and I was never able to catch up. The confusion may be due to the language of the film being Korean. Instead of being able to focus on the story, I was paying full attention to reading the subtitles. Overall, I had a mixed feeling on the film. At the beginning, I really liked the movie since it was scary and interesting at the same time. Towards the end, my fear and interest in the film was overcome by confusion.    


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