Everyone says “child birth is a beautiful thing”, parents claim that they’d do anything for their kids. The movie Grace proves the 2nd statement but definitely does not convince me of the first. It’s different being the parent of course, but being a young spectator of the process does not convince me of the beauty in it. Even the documentary The Miracle Of Life (which we were made to view during high school) was horrific to me, what more seeing a zombie baby come to life in a tub birthing scene. Not to mention, the creepy lesbian doctor/midwife (?) who was ogling  over Madeline the whole movie. 

The baby of course was made to be the monster of the story but it was a hard battle between who acted more inhuman, the undead baby or the mother who was willing to kill people and have her breasts chewed off? Also, we cannot deny the mother of all monster-in-laws Vivian who had a disturbing fetish on breastfeeding.

I would not say this movie was good but it managed to horrify me on many different ways. The opening scene alone managed to turn me off, not only about the film but possibly about having a family of my own. (which i shouldn’t even be thinking about). 

I can’t say that i wouldn’t do what Madeline did for her child but it really made me wonder whether my mother would do the same for me(I would not take it against her if she didn’t). I was frustrated the whole movie because i couldn’t see why she didn’t just have her daughter checked but then again, i wouldn’t know what it would be like in a mother’s point of view. 

I guess Madeline was only trying to be a good mother, and if you’re talking about the role of a  mother alone, she probably would be a really good one if she was given a normal child. Same with the Patricia, who although completely freaky in my point of view, she’s probably the most supportive lover/admirer ever, in an exaggerating-ly creepy way that is. 

Out of all the monsters in the story, i think Grace was the most harmless even if she was technically the only non-human in the story. Everyone else could think on their own and almost all of them were incapable of doing what normal people would have. (call for help perhaps?!!) 

I really do not understand why anyone would think of creating such a film, if the director’s goal was to scare people off about child birth, then he deserves an award. I keep on telling myself that it’s just a movie, like all the other movies but for some reason, this movie in particular was the most sickening. 


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