Horror Film 4: [REC]ording of Doom

Horror settings tend to become more devilish as more people are involved while being situated in a claustrophobic area. Surprising elements would come busting through doors, shuffle across the hallways and dismantle the citizens. In use in a horror film, [REC] makes use of this technique with great success. Coupled with the feel of a first-person camera perspective via the camera crew man, the horror creeps just right beside you.

                The film starts of with a news reporter who is about to do a coverage about the life of firemen. She gets accommodated by the local fire department and gets to see what happens inside. The chief says that things are practically normal until they get distress calls. And so they do. Our heroine tags along up to an apartment which is blocked off by police. Looks pretty normal until one of the policemen gets bitten. The happenings slowly escalate as the apartment gets quarantined and when they learn that there is an infection going about the apartment. A lot of struggling goes about while they avoid the raging citizens of the apartment as they try and look for a means of getting out of the apartment. This is the part of the film I like the most because you want them to get away. You urge the people who remain at the sight of the camera to survive by any means. After a lot of running and swiping the infected, my favorite character, Fireman Manu, succumbs to the infection leaving the cameraman and the newsreporter to run to the locked up penthouse which dooms them to a harsher fate than those infected.


               This was a film that I was looking forward to see because most of my friends have seen it already and how they told me the story got me so into it. But the experience of watching the film was greater than those stories. It was like reading a book then watching its movie version(a faithful one). I can’t help but be amazed and be frightened at the same time while watching. Something to compare the feel of this movie to is the game “Dead Space”. It features the same claustrophobic feel as you run around in a giant spaceship, fighting for your survival as undying strewn-up corpses want to rip you to pieces and add you to their family.. Overall the movie, in my opinion, is one of the greatest horror movies as of late because of how the horror was delivered and how the execution of the characters was brought to light. Adding to the horror was the effective use of the camera recording perspective it stares directly at the face of horror and that horror bites back with much gusto..


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