Rec 2

Stories of ghosts, zombies, vampires and other night terrors can leave any audience in fear, but pale in comparison to tales of possession – even more frightening, demonic possession. Rec 2 doesn’t miss a beat and continues where the first Rec movie left off. As shown in the footage, the reporter Angela Vidal was the only person left from the previous investigation, but vanishes off into the dark as she gets dragged away by the emaciated Medeiros girl.

Rec 2 opens with a new team who are selected for completing the mission of Dr. Owens which is to collect blood from the original Medeiros girl. Dr. Owens poses as an official from the Ministry of Health, but is revealed to be a priest sent by the Vatican. He employs the team of GEO members to assist him in collecting the blood, but unfavorably meets obstacles on the way. They are able to find the blood sample but lose it as quickly as it catches fire and decide to collect blood from the original Medeiros girl. When they are able to capture an infected little girl in the apartment building, Dr. Owens tries to order the infected/possessed girl to reveal the exact location of the Medeiros girl – he fails in this attempt. When the group discovers a new set of people – kids exploring the situation – Dr. Owens is finally able to discover where the Medeiros girl is after one of the kids gets infected. During that time, Angela Vidal resurfaces, appearing to have escaped the horrors in the penthouse. The group are unsuccessfull in their mission, as they get infected and die one by one, only to leave Dr. Owens and the reporter Angela alive. In the end, Dr. Owens finds out the truth about Angela’s survival before dying at the hands of the already possessed reporter.

In class we talked about the special relationship that women had with monsters and horror movies. Most often, women become the victim of the monsters and other times they become the monster itself! Rec 2 is no different a horror film in that aspect, and incorporates what Linda Williams calls “the strange sympathy and affinity that develops between the monster and the girl … a flash of sympathetic identification.” Angela not only is victimized by the Medeiros girl, she is also possessed by the evil that resided in it. Linda Williams’ When the Woman Looks provides an angle as to why the woman and the monster are portrayed in similar ways, it is because of the woman’s difference from the male that makes her the victim, the monster. “What is feared in the mother: not her mutilation, but the power to mutilate and transform the vulnerable male.” “It is a recognition of their (woman and monster) similar status as potent threats to a vulnerable monster.” After all, we fear what we don’t understand. Angela never told the GEOs and Dr. Owens the truth about how she survived – she simply appeared. It was her knowledge, her experience of the monster that made her different, and in my opinion made her a good candidate to become the monster in the second Rec movie.

All in all, I really enjoyed watching Rec 2. It kept me at the edge of my seat in class most times and gave a creative and horrifying background on the origins of the infection/possession. I will always be fascinated and at the same time terrified with stories involving demonic possession, but I hope to never encounter anything of that sort. What made Rec 2 a chilling horror movie to me was all the deceit and illusion. A perfect illusion was worn by the reporter Angela, and this allowed her to be able to escape out of the prison of darkness. Being caught off-guard and unprepared in the face of otherworldly beings is something that I think I won’t completely recover from (assuming I survive the situation).


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