Going Overboard

Motherhood was always portrayed with flowers, life, nicely scented candles, smileys, and many more positive and happy symbolisms. It is also a sign that one is growing older and wiser. It a milestone is every woman’s life. Most women, in fact, dream of having a baby and even deciding their names before they are born. Some even have specifics as to how many boys or girl they would want to bear. Of course there is ugliness to child rearing. It can bring out the monstrous side of ever woman. But never have I even imagined that it would touch on a woman’s sexuality. Grace disturbingly perfected the art of hitting a woman’s being.
From the very first scene to the last scene, Grace depicted a vibe that was very uncanny. As a woman, this movie has forever scarred me. Starting from the moment she decided to keep her still born child unto the moment her baby bit off her nipple, Grace has entered my top 5 most disturbing movies. How can it not be one of the most gruesome movies with scenes like, MOTHER continuing to breastfeed her child with her own blood; flies flying around the baby or MOTHER getting the blood of slabs of meat just to feed Grace? This movie shows how deranged women can be with motherhood. How it plays a very big role in a woman’s life. Just like how the mother-in-law acted, after her son die she instantly went all alpha female on her daughter-in-law to the point she even treated her husband like a baby. But what baffles me the most is how MOTHER’s natural surviving instinct did not suffice. Would not a ‘normal’ woman understand that babies do not drink blood? Is motherhood that strong for a woman to turn away from what is right? Will I be like that when I become a mother? Questions such as these boggle my mind for answers. Bringing me to ponder, do a number of men see motherhood this way? Can this movie be a depiction of motherhood to all non-mothers?
Overall Grace was a very good horror movie, not your usual horror movie but very well acted and portrayed. It tackles upon a woman’s sexuality and really makes you feel disgusted inside and outside. Though a man may not feel the same disgust as a woman, he may still understand in terms of being a human. This movie really touches upon what makes one a human.


One thought on “Going Overboard

  1. “From the very first scene to the last scene, Grace depicted a vibe that was very uncanny. As a woman, this movie has forever scarred me.”

    Same! Definitely got under my skin in a whole new disturbing way.

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