Rec 2

I liked “rec 2” better than the first movie. For me it was more exciting and scary than the other one. I even downloaded the movie and watched it again. It was nice because it was really a continuation of the first movie and made the story clearer by letting us know what really happened inside the building. It first started with a group of swat officers entering the building without really knowing what is happening inside. They entered the building with a person and found out that he was a priest and that there were zombies or “possessed people” inside. As the movie went on all they were looking for was the blood sample of the girl. The swat officers wanted to go out already but the priest will never give the command to let them out until they finish their job of getting a sample of the girl because it will be the only cure for the infection if it spreads out. At first I was wondering why the priest won’t go out even if their lives are in danger. But when he said something like “what if the virus spread outside of the building, can you shoot your own son?” I changed my mind and it really made me think. As the story went on a lot of them died and they didn’t get to finish their mission. At the end they all died and the devil was still there inside the girl’s body (girl from the first movie).

For me even if they didn’t succeed in their mission it was a great movie. This is one of my favorite movies so far in class. I liked it because I love how the people in the movie changed/adapted to the environment of possessed people. It was like being normal to them. They were not super scared; they really did everything they can to finish their mission of getting the blood sample. Even if they encountered a lot of zombies, it didn’t stop them from going around the building and finding the cure. We can really see how brave the characters were that they risked their own lives just to save others from being infected. But sadly they didn’t succeed.

All I can say is that this movie is really a great sequel for the first movie since it really made it clear on what happened after and what caused the infection. But again at the end we don’t know what happened to the devil and what she did when she got out of the building. There are so many questions that I want to be answered like what did the devil do after she went out? Did she infect a lot of people and made them zombies? What can the government/police do to stop it if it really went out? I hope there is still a part 3 for this and for them to really make an ending that will really finish the job of stopping the devil.


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