Though I may not be used to getting the chill factor from horror movie because I have been so familiar with it, this movie gave me goose bumps. This movie is actually a sequel to REC and it starts off a few minutes from where the first movie left off. People quarantine an apartment in an attempt to try and contain the virus from spreading. However, despite the risks, people still try to go in because each of them have different reasons as to why they want to go in the sealed apartment. Some people from the  go in to help their relatives, some go in to look for answers and some go in the apartment out of pure curiosity. It was later that they realized that going in was the biggest regret that they had done in their entire life.

What differentiates this movie from other movies I’ve watched is that it is scary because it gives you a firsthand view of what the people inside see. The movie shifts from 3rd person perspectives to 1st person perspectives which give you the feeling of what it is to be in their position.  Another scary thought from this movie is this feeling of entrapment inside a building without fully knowing what’s inside. It would be frightening for the people inside as it was dark and there were lot of blind corners, doors and rooms which heightens ones curiosity because you do not know what’s behind these. Like the people in the apartment, I was frightened as well because I do not know what to expect from all the rooms that they were searching for and going in to. Furthermore, there was no turning back, once you’re inside, it would be tough to get out.

What makes this movie even scarier is that the virus spreads so quickly and that a single bite would turn someone into an infected person immediately. There were no symptoms so it was frightening to be in their position because a single bite would immediately end their life.

What I found interesting and mind-boggling was also in the last few parts of the movie wherein there were actually two dimensions in one place. The only thing that separated these two dimensions was the presence of light. At first it would look like a normal place but then when you’d turn off the lights, it would bring you to a different dimension. There was a twist in the last movie and I’m pretty sure that another sequel to this movie would be in the works. I’d have to say this movie deserves credit and is a must watch for movie goers and horror fans alike.


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