Two faced

As social beings, we, humans are not meant to live alone. A number of us fear not finding a special friend to be with all through our lives. This fear has led many individuals to go beyond certain rules even to the point of deceiving others to get what we want. But once we have found that friend, many stake their lives in order to keep that friend all to ourselves without even knowing for sure whether that friend is truly being their self. Jealousy becomes a big factor in the friendship and once it takes over it makes people do things we thought we were never capable of.
Voice perfectly depicted the interaction of jealousy, one’s true self and friendship. These interactions were slowly shown throughout the movie. The movie was very good at fooling the viewers on the personalities of certain characters. At the beginning of the movie it showed Sun-min and Yeoung-on being very clingy best friends as if everything was fine. But little did we know the evil that surrounds them all. After Sun-min dies we were shown her innocence and pureness. We were swayed to believe that she all but deserves to be heard – she deserves a voice. Pity was the first feeling that engulfed me. Being scared and all alone, I felt for Sun-min’s sadness. I wanted to believe that she was still alive that her soul was only trapped and her body hiding somewhere else. But when those flashbacks first showed, I could not understand what was happening. At first, I thought these were all lies that a certain individual was trying to convince us that Sun-min was wicked. But all along these flash backs were all but true. The home of Sun-min said it all. She lived a double life and all that cares for was a voice or, even better, a body. Her yearning and jealousy to live was too strong to be reckoned with. Her evil soul inevitably took over.
I find it sad how Sun-min’s soul was troubled and confused. Not knowing who she really was is scary feat but what is even worse is discovering that one has lived a life of lies, treachery and impiousness. For Yeoung-on side, to realize that your best friend was someone else is also a horrific feeling; to be betrayed by someone you loved. But the scariest of them all is jealousy. How jealousy can lead us into doing evil to point of killing and hurting the ones we love. Voice shows us just that and if we allow this feeling to consume it will destroyed oneself and the people around you. For me voice was a very good movie. It shows the dark capabilities of a person. It also reminds that we must be aware of who we trust. Lastly, it tells us that we must contain these ominous desires and that we must not let them take over.


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