Cabin In The Woods

Watching Cabin in the Woods a second time in this class helped me to better appreciate the movie. When I watched it for the first time, I was with my cousin who is as much a horror fan as I am. We constantly look for horror movies that are not necessarily unique (for that is quite difficult nowadays) but rather have a refreshing twist to typical horror plots. Suffice it to say, my cousin and I are hard to please when it comes to horror movies. Cabin in the Woods is definitely a memorable and enjoyable movie for me and my cousin; however, for me, it is not a movie that I completely love simply because I am not a fan of its science-fiction aspect.

In a way, I can consider myself a classical horror fan – meaning that the kind of horror I enjoy the most is the one that deals with purely supernatural and otherworldly beings. I personally believe that the horror genre is at its best when it covers ghosts and ghouls, without explaining the reason behind their presence. I like the mystery that accompanies these creatures – the fact that at the end of the movie, I cannot seem to fully grasp their behavior or motivation – and that is why I was quite disappointed with Cabin in the Woods. I can still accept the seemingly subtle manipulation of the scientists with the red-neck zombie family, but the revelation of the full extent of their control over the entire “world” ruined the movie for me. To be honest, towards the end, the movie felt more like science-fiction than horror.

However, I have to admit that Cabin in the Woods as a whole is definitely a movie worth watching. Despite my personal preferences, I still think that most horror fans will enjoy watching it. It still had a sense of dread that makes the horror genre distinguishable, even though it was not in the sense I am used to. The true horror in this film, for me, was in the despicable behavior and mindset of the scientists. Imagine living in the world right now with people who act and think in a similar way – now that is truly horrifying. The fact that the scientists accepted what was happening and found the sacrificing of other human beings acceptable is an idea that most people will be uncomfortable with, and I think that is the reason behind the success of Cabin in the Woods as a horror film.

Finally, I found the somewhat comedic but dark aspect to the movie quite interesting and refreshing. Unlike other movies in which the characters poke fun at their bizarre situation, the characters of Cabin in the Woods, especially the scientists, seem to laugh at their situation simply because it is a form of escape; the characters in the movie cope with their situation by making it seem more normal because, in my opinion, if they did not, they would not be able to deal with it. For me, the combination of inhumane behavior and a demented sense of humor make this film a successful horror movie.


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