Rec It Ralph 2

From what was established in the story of REC, we know that a young girl possessed by demons was kept for experimentation in the penthouse of this building and she somehow had a virus that spread, which ended up killing everyone who was quarantined throughout the film. There was a blurry explanation as to how this girl herself was infected in the first place and if the cause of the entire situation was a religious or medical matter. 

As a horror fan who enjoys the heart-racing scenes in these movies, I enjoyed Rec 2 because of how it barely had lagging scenes wherein there was just pure dialogue and no action. With the backstory from Rec, the mystery was no longer who’s going to be killed next or is everyone going to die, but rather, what exactly happened years ago that can explain everything that has happened. There was more intensity felt in this film because the characters were set in the scariest parts of the building. In Rec, it seemed as if the ground floor was the safest place to stay in, but with all the zombies in their respective hiding places, not a single room in that building felt safe. When watching these horror films, the location of the characters also affects the audience’s predicting of what could happen. The fact that the priest and his team spent most of the time in the Penthouse was a giveaway that people are going to die. Even when they were in the rooms of the building, it was a guessing game on whether or not there was a zombie there hiding and if they were from the previous film. 

Aside from the character-location aspect of the film, the play on camera perspectives gave the film more excitement because when it shifted to the camera of the teenagers, the story began again from the beginning, hence going into the film from their point of view. From this movie and its characters, I noticed that these types of horror films make a viewer seem like such a horrible person because of how we always want certain characters to die. It makes me wonder if how a person reacts during a horror film describes how he/she is like in certain real-life situations? Just because I wanted the children to die in the film, does that reflect my hate for children in real life? 

This sequel, for me, made an attempt to give the story more depth as compared to the first one. We learn that apparently that the devil can really deceive us all into thinking that possession can lead to viral infections. It was what also made the film confusing because of how it completely turns around and becomes a matter of religious conflict. I find myself more uncomfortable when films have this relation to the devil because if it were just about a virus infecting a building, that was bound to have a happy ending wherein someone would find cure. The fact that the story dealt with a higher power that actual evidence could never explain, the ending was intriguing. 

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