Science to Faith

I like the movie entitled Rec 2 for that this movie became more complex compared to the firs Rec movie. It did not just stayed along the storyline of the Rec 1; it added new twists making the movie a complete new movie to me.  The twists mainly draw from the different perspective/approach in dealing with the concept of zombies which was presented by Rec 2 compared to Rec 1.

 In Rec 1, it explained that the zombie like infection that spread inside the whole apartment was caused by some mutated gene. Looking at this, it could be said that the approach that the movie has in explaining the zombie situation was through science. While in the case of Rec 2, it could be seen that the zombies were not just a result of mutated genes but caused by a powerful demon. This demon possessed a child and then spread the virus to other people making these infected people as his zombie alliances. To handle the situation, a priest was held charge in dealing with this zombie situation. By doing this, the movie put in religious components which added a new dimension to the movie.

But it should be noted that the movie Rec 2 still has scientific component for that the characters were looking for an antidote, which is the blood of the first human that was possessed by the demon. If this was purely about religion, there should be no need for an antidote for that having faith and praying to God would be enough to heal the girl. But this was not done; the priest clearly stated that to stop the virus, an antidote was needed. In this, the movie Rec 2 fused both religious and scientific aspect which was a great way in making the movie new to the viewers.

I think the religious aspect that was inserted in the movie was a great factor for me to like the movie. In putting religion, it became more personal for me for that my faith in God was somehow questioned. The priest did not have any chance to stop the demon. Clearly he was just played and made fun of the devil. This idea that the movie left me made me think and reflect about the possibility that is there any demon that will not be stopped by God. This was the part of me that was made vulnerable by the movie, making me scared a lot.  Overall, I really liked the movie Rec 2, and surely this was one of the horror movies that I will surely recommend to my friends. 


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