The Innkeepers

I really enjoyed watching the movie entitled The Innkeepers. This is because it is one of the horror movies that added humor as its one of its main theme. But even though this was the case, the movie still had the right balance between horror and humor. It did not result for me into questioning what genre the movie really tackles.

 For me the addition of humor in the horror movie was really a great idea.  This made me very comfortable about the movie. This was the case for that I easily got hooked in the movie for that it not so intense at the start, the plot was very simple and easy to understand. But by doing this, it made me a lot more vulnerable and easier to get scared.  This was because I got attached in the movie because of the humor. Because of this at the end part of the movie I somehow got scared.

Looking at the plot of the movie, it follows the typical plot arrangement where in there is a rising action, followed by climax and then followed by falling action. It did not differentiate itself from the usual setup of other movies which was done in movies done by Japanese where it contains several climax points in the movie. It followed the usual structure in which I think suits best in the movie where it has both humor and horror. This is because if the set up was like of the many climaxes, I think the humor part of the movie maybe greatly overshadowed by the climaxes (horrifying scenes). It was just enough that there is one good climax. Moreover, by working in this plot it became more effective in scaring the audiences for that it seems that it will become redundant for the audience if the movie followed the many climaxes structure.

Overall, I really liked the movie because of the unique way on how the movie attacked the concept of horror. It did not throw many horrifying scenes at the audiences; the movie was not trying so hard to scare the audience. But even though this was the case, the scenes that were horrifying were enough for that it was very well planned and thus very effective in making its audience scared. Because of this style of the movie, I really appreciated it more. This I can say is one of the movies that I will surely recommend watching to my friends for that they will surely enjoy it as much as I enjoyed it.



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