Rec 2 is the immediate continuation of the events that transpired in Rec. One group of soldiers was given a mission to escort a health inspector inside the building. Similar to the first movie, Rec 2 is filmed to give an impression that is a raw footage of an actual event. The major difference is that Rec 2 provides two footages from different groups of people as opposed to Rec wherein the only footage that we see is that of the TV crew. Also, Rec 2 adds a religious perspective to the situation as it explains that there is a demon responsible for the infections. A group of soldiers were tasked to escort a health inspector as he enters the building. After being attacked by the zombies, they find out that the health inspector is actually a priest send by the Vatican to obtain the blood sample of the Medeiros. They proceed to the penthouse and encounter little zombies that looked like children. This scene was quite surprising since the little zombies jumped out of nowhere. A soldier then searches the air ducts and finds a sample of the Medeiros girl’s blood. As he is on his way back down, a group of little zombies suddenly chase after him. Just like the earlier scene, it was quite surprising since they just appear out of nowhere. To test if the blood is the real one, the priest makes some sort of prayer at puts the cross on a small sample of blood. Unfortunately, the rest of the blood is dropped by a soldier since it also caught fire. Losing the only blood sample, the priest tells them that they would be getting blood from the Medeiros girl herself. This first part of the film had some surprising moments; however, it failed to really scare me since the group was not helpless at all. The soldiers had guns meaning that they could just shoot down the zombies. Also, the priest knew a lot about the infection and he looked like he knew what to do. For the next part of the film, we see things from the perspective of civilians. Three teenagers follow the firefighter into the building and record the events. They encounter some of the infected and eventually stumble upon the group of soldiers. The perspective of the teenagers was a little bit scarier since we are able to see them panic from all the chaos happening in the building. As we all know, Rec ended with a scene wherein the TV reporter, the last living person in the building, was dragged and presumably killed by the Medeiros Girl. The group finds her alive with a camera which they would eventually use. One of the teenagers was bitten and ends up as a zombie. He is tied down and questioned by the priest. To my surprise, he suddenly answers the priest with a weird voice. Honestly, I did not like this part since it seemed as if the zombie film suddenly turned to a demonic possession film. They proceed to the penthouse once again and they turn off all the lights. They begin using the night vision, which I found to be really effective in Rec. True enough, as they encounter the Medeiros girl in the dark with only the night vision; I was terrified since we are given limited sight of the situation. In the end, the reporter kills the priest and it is revealed that she was also possessed/ infected. Overall, I found Rec 2 quite enjoyable to watch, but not as enjoyable as the first film. It was a bit disappointing since it was not as scary as the first film.


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