The Innkeepers

The immediate impression I got for watching the first few minutes of this film was that I was most likely to be low budgeted. And I turned out to be right. Unlike other horror movies, the film had only a few characters and the setting was always within the confines of the rather small hotel.

The main protagonist of the film was Claire. She works at the Yankee Pedlar Inn along with her co-worker Luke. Both are working the only employees left working as the once famous hotel is going to close. There were very few guests in the hotel. One of those who happen to check in is an actress that Claire adores, Leanne Rease-Jones.

Clair and Luke are very keen with ghost stories and hauntings that they try get excited or even partially scared whenever they think they are experiencing something paranormal. One night, as Claire was taking out the garbage, she hears something. She uses Luke’s ghost-hunting equipment so that she could record any sound or voices. The two then decide to go to the basement so that they can investigate whatever sounds must be coming from it.

Recalling the history of the hotel, a bride hangs herself when her husband leaves her on their honeymoon. And her body was hidden in the secret basement of the hotel.

Clair and Luke experience something creepy that sends Luke to run away, terrified from the hotel. Clair is left alone. She runs to Leanne’s room to ask for help. Leanne who is working on becoming a medium tries to contact the spirit to find out what was happening. She then realizes that it was something bad and tells Clair that they both have to leave. Clair then remembers that there was a guest, an old man, who was living on the third floor of the hotel. She runs up to his room only to find his dead body in the bathroom. Horrified, she runs down and bumps into Luke who has returned – guilty that he had left. Luke goes up to get Leanne so that they can all leave the ghostly place. Clair confronted by an apparition, falls down the stairs and injures her head. Disoriented, she later on finds herself in the basement. Upon meeting the ghost of Madeline O’Malley, she panics and dies of an asthma attack.

The ending of the film was very unexpected for me because I did not think that the main protagonist of the movie – Clair – would die. I often thought of the protagonists to be the ones prevailing at the end of the movie. What I did not like about the movie was that it was very dragging. It took such a long time before the movie got exciting. I had a bit of high expectations for this film because it was showed on 2011, which meant that it was somehow new.

About the characters, I found them to be very odd. The usual reaction one gets when encountering something paranormal is that they would get scared. Clair and Luke, however, even when they were told not to enter the basement still did so because they wanted the thrill of experiencing something extremely paranormal. It was funny though, because why would you try to contact the dead when you’d only be scared afterwards? I think Claire was not very wise. Although she was already foretold, she went against the advice. She did not take any of the matter seriously, she only brought herself to harm. And I guess, being stubborn really does have its consequences.


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