Ginger Snaps

A lot of people will agree that there’s nothing more frightening and bizarre as a girl on her period. And Ginger Snaps reinforces that statement quite well.

Ginger and Brigette were shown to be the most extreme of the social outcasts, they obviously needed a shower(The fact that the wolf who only attacked dogs attacked Ginger must say something about her hygiene.) , they talked about killing themselves/dying together as a past time and they were too old to not have their periods yet.

When Ginger finally gets her period, it was like the end of the world for her sister, she became more of a monster than she already was and she finally had one thing that they didn’t share just yet.

Ginger as a warewolf, was a symbolism of what becomes of some women when they get their periods and she embodied all of all of the extremes, she completely transformed into a different person, became extremely hormonal, she grew hair in weird places and she wanted to kill everyone just because. (all of which can be true in real life)

Of all the movies we’ve seen in class this, Ginger Snapswas the furthest from horror. The effects, the wolf and Ginger’s super human strength was laughable. I don’t know if it’s because it was made in 2000,  i might have thought otherwise if i watched it then, but to me, it was not meant to be all that scary. In fact, i enjoyed it more as a comedy,  not the usual dark heavy movie i’m used to seeing in class.

Even though i viewed it as funny, there were still parts that i found unsettling. What was most disturbing to me is the relationship between the two sisters and at the latter part even the mother. I wouldn’t know the extent of what sisterly love should be but i think to clean up after your sister mangles numerous people is a little too much. From the start, i saw that it was not just an innocent sibling-ly love, it was a dark creepy sort of attachment that was a far cry from the bond of normal families. This apparently was inherited from the mother who was so willing to leave her husband and life behind when she finds out her daughters are murderers.

What i enjoyed most about this movie is how it touches the topic of growing up which strangely, by making it a not-so- horror-film, lightened it up quite a bit.


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