Rec it one more time

When it was announced that we were going to watch the sequel of REC, I had some reservations about what it could bring to the table as the first movie effectively established a high standard for its viewers. Although it was clear that the entire story was not explored on the first movie, it could have stood on its own if the Medeiros girl was replaced with a normal zombie that was locked in the apartment penthouse. But since the scenes that featured the newspaper clippings and recordings implied that there was more to the story than meets the eye, this sets the stage for the sequel.

This time around, the characters were not ordinary people but trained soldiers who were armed with guns and high definition cameras. I do not know whether i would be pleased or annoyed with how this second film was shot because it was more stable but priest’s reason for recording did not really convince me and was inconsistent with the secrecy that the Vatican wanted. The priest did not even want the soldiers to know who he is or what they are really going after and did not brief them with what was really going on and yet they brought cameras? I think the producers were now trying too hard to make the movie as “amateurish” as possible that however absurd the reason may be would be good enough. Aside from that, the normally noisy zombie horde on the first film was nowhere to be seen. At various parts of the movie, they would suddenly appear seemingly from their homes and attack to offset the guns the soldiers brought with surprise tactics. It was finally revealed that the Medeiros girl was controlling the infected. They were not zombies but possessed people. This was a big crossover and was a good addition to the film. Like what was discussed in class, the producers were dealing with how to take the movie to the next level because the characters and us, the viewers could never go back to a mundane story after the horrific events of the first film. They had to go deeper to bring a new level of fear. Many films nowadays bring out sequels due to the unexpected success of the first movie but the sequels usually fall flat because the story line was unprepared for a second movie or the writers ran out of ideas and forced out the story in hopes of riding on the first film’s success. REC was planned to have two movies from the start and this paid off. In expanding the story into a case of possession and experimentation by the Vatican, the second film for me, was able to match the success of the first film in terms of the concept and originality. Although the story became more fantastic than I really preferred, it was logical which was what really mattered. REC2 really brought out something new to the dying zombie genre which was good considering the fact that I am a big fan of this genre. 😀


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