The Innkeepers

Slow paced movies have to have a good enough plot to keep the viewers hooked.You have to take into consideration the dialogue and if the actors are good enough to play the boring part well etc etc. I think the horror film has an advantage when it comes to being slow paced, because the audience is always anticipating an extreme change of pace whenever the scene gets too silent, too boring or too “not scary”, that expectation is part of the horror. What i realized upon watching this film is that the viewers play a big part on scaring themselves.

As was mentioned in class, the Innkeepers has nothing special about its plot, nothing original, something that was probably used a couple dozen times already. In truth, i don’t even remember what the ghost or whoever they were running from looked like. But despite this mundane or not-so-memorable-ness off the movie, I have to admit that I enjoyed it and even half covered my eyes in some parts.

It was mentioned in class that if the camera was in the point of view of the female, the movie almost automatically becomes scarier because of the stereotypical helplessness of a woman. Be it in the eyes of the man on the other hand, makes it less frightening because the man is supposedly able to defend himself more than a woman can. This theory completely shatters in the male and female characters of the movie because Claire seemed to have more balls than Luke which got her into more trouble in the end.

The fact that Claire died in the end made me realize that despite her character being the manlier and braver one she still ended up being the victim. No matter what part the woman plays, either the damsel in distress or the tough “i don’t need a man to save me” type, in the end of almost every horror film, they are always the “funner” victims. I don’t know if it’s because of the  high pitched scream or the fact that they are biologically less likely to survive against something physically stronger, females being chased to their deaths are always almost a staple in horror movies.

In the end, I do not know what killed Claire, maybe her paranoia and curiosity got the best of her and ended up killing herself. But the not knowing part is (in my opinion) what made the movie enjoyable.


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