Ghost Hunting

Innkeepers is the typical horror story having the basic element of the horror genre. The movie is about two employees, Luke and Claire, working in a haunted inn that is about to go out of business. The setting, the Yankee Pedlar Inn, is very eerie and creepy. The plot exactly fits the conventional horror story line:  a haunted place, a bride who committed suicide, and her haunting. In addition, there is also a psychic and an old man who left his wife. Beyond its horror cheesiness, the film was effective in delivering shock and fright.

Luke and Claire go on a ghost hunting spree before the hotel closes down for good. Luke made a website about the haunting of the ghost Madeline O’Malley, who hanged herself in the inn during the 1800s when her husband abandoned her on their honeymoon night. At first, the guy was acting so macho and brave since he seemed so cool with the paranormal. The characters are very interesting, especially Claire’s character who is very quirky and awkward.  Claire is a brave woman, in a way, because she keeps on looking for ghosts despite her fear. She is quite arrogant because she is asking for it, yet she got so terrified when Madeline showed her presence by playing the piano. Men are supposed to be strong and brave, yet, Luke was the real coward in the story. After they went in the basement and Claire saw Madeline, he admitted that he all made up whatever he posted on the website and he does not actually believe in ghosts. To his fright, he left and abandoned Claire in the inn.

The movie breaks the image that men are dominant and strong. However, I did not expect that Claire would die. Women are usually portrayed as victims because women are powerless and weak.  

The film shows an enlargement of the world as the characters knew that there are indeed ghosts. Leanne stated that the world is full of spirits, the paranormal. Claire then discovered that the world is unpleasant as she saw the ghost of Madeline and the old man who committed suicide in the tub.

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