Ghosts have Voices

When watching movies, there those really that you’d like and don’t like. This particular movie, The Voice, is one of those that I don’t like. I don’t like it not because I am not really a fan of horror films but because it’s that horrible as a horror film. I like the way horror films scare me till I jump off my seat or that it gives me chills down my spine because of the intensity of the images being portrayed in most horror films that I watch. However, this particular film, The Voice, it definitely didn’t reach up to what I would’ve liked from it. The fact that it was an Asian horror film added to its negativity to my preferences since I particularly have very good experiences with Asian horror films – good in terms of the movie giving me my sense of a likable horror film.

If I were to describe my horror movie experience with this movie, in a term, I would say it was bitin. The movie is bitin in a way that it gave me that hyped up feeling you get when you know something is going to happen that would scare you off your feet but then the movie didn’t really did that. It’s similar to that feeling when you’re eating something and it never really satisfy your hunger. This made me find the movie rather dragging. While trying to find that startle or that hit from a horror movie I was looking for, the movie didn’t give it; so, I ended up looking for it all throughout the movie which made me appreciate the movie even less.

If there was something that I liked about the movie is that it had a very good mystery to it. Mysteries like “who killed who,” “why was she killed,” “how did they die,” and “what’s going to happen next?” In fairness to the movie, unlike other movies that I’ve watched, The Voice, wasn’t that easy to predict. In other movies, I would already have guess from the start who dies and who lives or who might the culprit might be; but, for this movie, it was great, at least for my preference, that I wasn’t able to predict that the main character was actually the culprit or the source of all that was going on in the movie; as are all the other surprises the movie had to offer for its audience. Still, because of this, the movie left me with a lot of question left unanswered after the movie. However, that’s what’s good about mystery movies, it never stops being mysterious in its own way.

In the end, the movie was a bad horror movie, but rather a good mystery movie. Still, this is just my opinion on the movie and it just so happens that it was like that as how I saw it based on my own preferences of how categorize movie genres. The movie did disappoint me quite a bit probably because I had high expectations for it of being as powerfully scary as The Grudge movie.


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