Not so Graceful

Grace is probably one of those movies where I can say that everything is just wrong for all the right reasons. For starters, every character in the movie, especially when it came to the well-being of Grace, they are all good people. They all just want what’s best for the baby. However, the movie was still rather hard to watch. It is probably because the adults in the movie had really “weird” way of getting what they would want for what’s “good” for the baby. Grace’s mom was probably the weirdest in all that she was doing. At first I thought she was just wrong in the noggin; and that she was extremely frustrated that for both her babies which were to be labored are dead not counting the fact that she also lost her husband. Grace’s mom really had me confused with what was going on with the movie; was Grace really dead and that her mom became psychotic because of all the traumatizing events that have happened to her; or was Grace dead zombie baby. In the end, Grace was never really dead after all; she just had a very bad habit of drinking blood and not milk and biting off her mom’s breasts.

Even now, I still can’t get why I am so grossed out with the movie. Was it simply because of the really disturbing images portrayed in the movie; or was it because of the masochistic, nearly psychotic character the people in the movie had; or maybe because of the two?

Another about that movie that really bugged me was that I didn’t really know who to root for. What principle should I follow for this? Who’s the good guy and who’s the bad guy? Is the baby really evil, but she’s still a baby and knows nothing about the world? These things up until now is still can’t answer to myself. All I know is that the adults there just wanted what was best for Grace; but, what was the best for the baby? Isn’t the relationship of the mom and the baby something that is mutual and not something that is parasitic? I know that all babies has the right to be able to live their lives but this one particular baby is feeding off her mom’s flesh and blood. What happens if she grows old? The thought of the start of the zombie apocalypse even came into my mind. “Maybe this is how the zombie apocalypse started?” is what I thought.

About the movie being a horror movie, it really did its job up until the end where Grace’s mom showed her half-eaten breast, disturbing images and disturbing actions by very disturbed people, what could be more disturbing! I believe that it is already rather clear that I was quite disturbed with the movie even after watching the movie. Grace was a good horror movie, but it wasn’t very fun at all and it’s probably not a movie I would want to watch again just for fun.


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