Rec-It-Zombie 2

Since Rec 2 is the sequel of Rec, one can’t help but compare or contrast the two from each other; so, I might as well do the comparing and contrasting.

In terms of fear factor, the two definitely have the same type of scaring method – startling and with gory images. However, the intensity of the level of scariness is a little different. From Rec 2, I found myself less scared of the movie than that of Rec. It might be because I have more experience with horror movies when I was watching Rec 2 but what I thought was the main factor why I found Rec 2 less scary than Rec is because in Rec 2, I already knew what was going on with the movie – that there were aggressive man-eating “sick” people inside the building. This I rather a big factor since Rec 2, in a way lost its surprise factor on the audience, unlike in Rec where everything was all unknown and mysterious. If I were to watch Rec 2 without watching Rec beforehand, it might have had a bigger impact on my movie experience since it did have more vivid images of what the “sick” people looked like.

What’s special about Rec 2 though is that it really did continue the story of Rec and the connections from Rec 2 and Rec is really well-made. Since Rec already revealed that there are “sick” people inside and that what they had was very contagious, Rec 2 was the answer two all the questions that may have took place in Rec. The very big revelation here was the type of “sickness” the people inside the building had and what caused it. Unlike other zombie movies, these zombies in Rec aren’t those that are caused by a virus that invades your body and makes you all cannibal-like but rather, it is a virus that makes your body an instrument to a certain kind of demon. Looking at this in a cultural kind of view, the movie is Spanish and most Spaniards are Christians. Having demons and possessed people as enemies in the movie and having a priest rather than a professional scientist lead the investigation of this certain virus says a lot of how their culture affects what kind of movies they would make. This can also be seen in horror movies made in the Philippines.

Moving back to Rec 2, it is a rather enjoyable horror film since it gives its audience that horror hype one horror film fan would want from the horror films he’s watching. Creepy disturbing images, loud pulsing sounds that come out of nowhere, jumping monsters that stare you down and comes at you unexpectedly, these are things that, in my preference, makes a horror movie fun to watch. Moreover, since the paper started off with comparing and contrasting Rec and Rec 2, might as well end it that way with choosing which of the two is a better horror film. Based on my experiences, Rec is better for various reasons.


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